Lingu was founded in 2008 by Odd Bjerga, who remains the CEO of the company today.

The venture started as a language school, and has evolved to become an education technology company, working with software just as much as with pedagogical services. We consider ourselves at the forefront of the technological development in the education industry.

Our purpose and mission at Lingu is to:

Inspire people to learn and achieve

Language connects us and creates a sense of a community. At Lingu, we want to see all internationals integrate, prosper and enjoy a great life in Norway.

Our Norwegian language courses are designed for English speakers who are in the process of relocating to Norway for work or family purposes. These courses are especially suitable for those who require a fast-track Norwegian language training program.

We offer a wide range of language courses from beginner to advanced level. We train our students by using different course formats: group, one-to-one and online. In 2013, Lingu opened a new language centre in Stavanger, which offers the same great service.

Lingu is a trademarked brand owned and marketed by Lingu Norge AS.