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Fast-track Classroom Norskprøven B1

Fast-track Classroom Norskprøven B1 is a Norwegian course who want take the official Norwegian language test, Norskprøven.. The course is hybrid and combines classroom 2 days per week (Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger) with live online classes and e-learning.

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Learn Norwegian in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger

This course combines local instructor-led classes with online teaching and e-learning. This means that you follow a group with a professional and inspiring teacher at one of our language centres, while also meeting new people through the live online classes. You will be able to practice listening, reading and using the language in social contexts.


Velkommen tilbake til klasserommet!


In addition to the teaching in the classroom, you have unlimited access to fun, effective and flexible learning through the game-based e-learning Samanehs reise.


The expected course duration is approximately 12 weeks per level (see group schedule for more information).

Hybrid training

Classroom + drop-in online classes + e-learning.

The local classrooms are available in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger

Approved course provider

Lingu is an approved language school. This means that the course certificate you'll receive can be used as documentation when applying for a permanent residence permit in Norway or Norwegian citizenship.


How much does it cost?

The combined course contains both local and online classes, as well as digital course materials. The course fee is NOK 9,980. 


You can pay online with credit card, or receive an invoice for bank transfer to yourself our your company. The course fee must be paid before you can start the course.

What's included?

  • 64 hours instructor-led, local classes
  • Up to 120 hours drop-in classes online
  • Unlimited access to e-learning in Samanehs Reise
  • 32 assignments (audio and text) with teacher's review

Total 216 hours, or up to 18 hours per week.


What do I learn?

The course follows the official curriculum in Norwegian and social studies. It has different subjects and covers the learning objecitves for each level, so you can pass the official language exam and also master the language at the course level you have completed. The target competencies differ from level to level, but what is common to all levels is that you must learn, build confidence and practice speaking, listening and writing Norwegian.

  • Improved writing skills
  • Knowledge about Norwegian culture and society
  • Ability to describe and handle both familiar and unpredictable situations
  • Ability to describe future plans and desires
  • Ability to express moods, feelings, and opinions
  • Ability to make suggestions, proposals and discussing them
  • Writing about personal experiences and everyday events
  • Using grammatical structures appropriately in the above functions.



The aim of the course is for you to pass the Norwegian exam from HK-dir with level B1 in both the written and the oral exam.

The course schedule follows the Norskprøven so that the course ends approximately 1-2 weeks before the exams are held. We start the course 5 times a year.



  • Beate Valberg

    Beate Valberg Norsklærer

  • Anna Jelonek

    Anna Jelonek Norsklærer

  • Birgitte Wiik

    Birgitte Wiik Norsklærer

9 980 NOK

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