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SAMFUNNSKUNNSKAP ONLINE: Lingu offers the most flexible course in social studies, approved by UDI for permanent residency. During the course you will learn about Norwegian society, culture, politics, education, labour market and much more.

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100% online Approved by UDI Mandatory course for skilled workers Flexible and simple If you are considering applying for permanent residence or citizenship in Norway, you may need to ...

  • 100% online
  • Approved by UDI
  • Mandatory course for skilled workers
  • Flexible and simple

If you are considering applying for permanent residence or citizenship in Norway, you may need to do a short course with 50 hours social studies before you apply.


How does the course programme work?

The course in social studies combines several different learning methods. You will watch video lessons, and work independently with interactive exercises, read, listen, take quizzes and you will participate in instructor-led classes conducted in a virtual classroom.

In a period of 7 weeks, one new chapter will be introduced every week. You will get instant access to the first chapter when you sign up, and then chapter 2 will come a week later, and chapter 3 one week thereafter and so on. If you cannot follow the weekly schedule, you will still have access to the online lessons depending on the package you chose for 3 months and can complete the course at your own pace. The earliest one can complete the course is within 8 weeks for the regular course, and 2 weeks for the fast-track students (see more information below).

The learning platform will closely track your work and attendance during the course. In order to pass the course you need to complete all lessons and attend the virtual classroom lessons.

The virtual classroom lessons are held in the evening.



  • The course will be lead in English, and all participants must understand and speak English at an intermediate (B1) level or higher.
  • You need a headset with microphone in order to attend classes the virtual classroom


Learning objectives

The social studies course is also known as the civics course, and covers seven topics as defined in the official syllabus:

  1. New immigrant in Norway
  2. History, geography and way of life
  3. Children and family
  4. Health
  5. Education and learning
  6. Working life
  7. Democracy and the welfare society

The course participants will achieve

  • knowledge about important historical, social, economic, cultural, legal and political events and institutions in Norway, and ability to express this knowledge.
  • knowledge about his or her own rights, opportunities and duties in the Norwegian society, and ability to use this knowledge in everyday life.
  • ability to reflect upon and discuss basic values and challenges in the Norwegian society related to democracy, equality and human rights, and ability to to express his or her own opinions about these matters.


Who is the social studies course for?

The online course 50 hours social studies is designed for adult immigrants and expats in Norway who have the duty to complete 300 hours Norwegian language training and social studies according to the Introduction Act. This training can only be taken with an approved course provider (such as Lingu).

The course will also work well if you have the right to free municipal training in Norwegian language and social studies, but would like to take the course online rather than in a traditional course setting.


Approved course

Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge. This means that the course certificate you get at the end of the course will be valid documentation of your social studies training.


In order to pass the course and receive the certificate, you need to achieve the following criteria:

  • Participate a minimum of 6 meetings in the virtual classroom
  • Submit all required essays
  • Complete all lessons
  • Pass the test at the end of the course


The fast-track option

If you are short on time and would like to complete the course as soon as possible, you should choose the fast-track option. This will grant you instant access to all lessons in the course and you can complete the requirements in 2 weeks.

Ofte stilte spørsmål

Yes, Lingu is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants, and online courses are also approved for Norway's permanent residence purposes. When you have completed the course, you will receive a course certificate with totals the number of hours you have attended. You can submit this certificate as documentation for your permanent residence permit application.

Yes, it is extremely efficient. At Lingu, we have many years of a distance learning experience and our outstanding, professional teachers are all specially trained to teach online. The course is intensive and requires a lot of work, but is also great fun and we have fantastic feedback from our students. 

Your individual progress will depend on many factors, such as how much time you have available for study. However, based on our long past experience, we have a standard duration for each course:

·       A1 level: 2 months
·       A2 level: 2 months
·       B1 level: 4 months
·       B2 level: 4 months

If you estimate that you are ready to move up to the next level faster than the standard pattern or, alternatively, stay with any level for longer, that is absolutely fine. You simply move on when you are ready.

You will soon find that this won’t be a problem. In an online course, you learn to speak in many ways, by practising talking, by listening, and by background learning and reading. All these learning methods combine to give you the ability to express yourself verbally in the language. As part of your course, you will also take part in flexibly scheduled interactive classes, whose small, online group discussions are a marvellous way of learning to express yourself in Norwegian.

We do not use books for our regular online course, because all our materials are available online.  These materials have been custom designed by our expert learning planning team, to ensure they are the best way to achieve fast learning progress. You will find our courses professional, flexible and fun, and all our teachers highly-skilled in guiding you safely through your online-learning experience. 


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