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A1 Intensive Norwegian for beginners (Fast-Track Classroom)

The A1 Intensive Norwegian for beginners (Fast-Track Classroom) course is the beginning of your journey to learn Norwegian. It will only take 1 month for you to complete the A1 level with this course ! You will be able to use the most common words and everyday phrases, as well as getting a technical understanding of the language. This level is the first building block towards mastering the Norwegian language, and this course has been designed for you to be able to achieve the A1 level in an even faster way.

This fast-track Norwegian language course will get you started on the journey to master the Norwegian language. 

Our main focus is to build practical conversation skills from the first lesson, so you can use the language independently and efficiently.

  • Small groups
  • Professional teachers
  • Approved by Norwegian immigration authorities
  • Fun and friendly learning environment


The course is designed for expats who know English already, have higher education, or are generally quick to acquire new language skills (track 3).

It contains 50 hours of training and covers the entire A1 level.

  • 30 hours instructor-led classes
  • 20 hours self-paced online exercises

You should be able to set aside 10-15 hours every week for language training and practice to follow this program.


Start date 11 Jan 2022
Registration deadline 11 Jan 2022
Schedule Intensive learning - complete the level in 1 month
Venue Oslo, Stavanger or Bergen
Course fee NOK 4990


Learning objectives for the beginner level (A1)

The beginner course is the most important building block for learning the Norwegian language. It offers the basics of the Norwegian language.

After completing this level, you will be able to interact with others in Norwegian in a simple manner, for example, meet and greet and everyday conversations.

You will be able to listen and understand simple questions if your conversation partner speaks slowly and clearly, and you can also answer simple questions about yourself and about the place you live.

You can talk about people you know and things that interest you.

Our main objective is to make you comfortable speaking the Norwegian language.


Main learning objectives:

  • Common verbs in present, past, and future tenses
  • Basic grammar and pronunciation
  • Common phrases related to meet and greet situations
  • Agree and disagree with statements
  • Write simple essays
  • Read simple texts from everyday life


Accredited language course

Lingu is accredited by Skills Norway (Kompetanse Norge, formerly Vox). You will get a course certificate upon completing the course, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway.


Course materials are included in the price!


Level test

At the end of the course, you will be able to sit a level test. You are not required to pass the test to get the course certificate, however, if you fail, your teacher will suggest more materials and classes that you can do before continuing to the next level (A2).


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    Milan Tosic

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This course is free of charge!

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