Language Coaching

Language Coaching is designed for managers and executives who require both business and culture-based language training. The course is customised to address the needs of the participants and is regularly adapted to the participants’ changing work situation and needs. Topics can range from debating current events to preparing a presentation of next year’s market strategies.

The main emphasis of this training will be on improving your spoken, written and listening language skills.

You will have the opportunity to choose between various topics such as:


  • Presenting – an existing presentation you would like to improve or a new one
  • Leading a discussion on a topic related to your field of expertise
  • Dealing with challenging questions
  • Chairing and/or participating in a simulated meeting dealing with items relevant to your work
    • Preparing and circulating the agenda and any necessary background information in advance
    • Practicing agreeing and disagreeing.
    • Identifying the main points to be reported back to your colleagues
  • Practicing social skills and small talk
  • Boosting your cultural awareness in an international workplace
  • Other topics as requested


  • Golara Heydari

    Golara Heydari

    General Manager

This course is free of charge!

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