Norwegian summer courses 2018 ☀️

Our Norwegian summer courses are fun and challenging, and it is a good way to learn Norwegian while making new friends in a relaxed atmosphere!

Prices and registration

☀️ Norwegian Summer courses, July 2. – Aug 9. 2018 ☀️

We know you want to study in small groups. We know you get happy when you can enjoy flexible learning methods. And, we know you want to learn as quickly as possible.

So, we will give you exactly that!

Join our summer course to learn Norwegian and we will give you;

  • engaging in-house lessons in very small groups
  • flexible learning methods by combining in-house lessons with tailored online training
  • the possibility to study more than the listed 50 hours if you want to learn even more
  • a relaxed atmosphere, but an accelerated learning experience
  • new friends and increased contact network
  • lots of ice-cream on sunny days! ☀️=🍦=😃

Summer courses are perfect for beginners, while at the same time it is sovereign for the more experienced who want to raise their language level or refresh their Norwegian in a more relaxed environment.
Even though we emphasize a more relaxed, social and "summery" atmosphere throughout these 6 weeks, we will expect efforts and determination from the participants.

All our courses - at all levels, focus on the understanding of written and spoken Norwegian, and provision is made for a lot of listening and conversation training.



The classroom lessons are held twice per week at our language centres in Oslo and Stavanger, and the online material are available from any smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you want to practise. See the schedule for more information about time and topic.



Everyone needs to bring the following books to the classes:

  • For A1 and A2: Norsk på 1-2-3 (order online here)
  • For B1: Mer norsk, tekstbok + arbeidsbok (order online here and here)

You can order the books online, or you can buy them when you arrive at our language centre.



Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge (formerly Vox). You will get a course certificate when the course finishes, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway. 


Limited places available!



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