Et kort tilbakeblikk på hva vi oppnådde i 2016

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Et kort tilbakeblikk på hva vi oppnådde i 2016 -

Et kort tilbakeblikk på hva vi oppnådde i 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

It's been a busy year! In 2016 we at Lingu focused on helping our customers learn Norwegian and other languages.

Here are the highlights of the year:  


new location

In August, we opened a new language centre at Rådhusgata 20, Oslo.


new staff members in administration

In the new language centre in Oslo, we hired a superb team: Julian, Golara and Nicolay.


free webinars

Our Norwegian teacher, Pia, has held free webinars in Norwegian language. You can sign up for the next one here.



I'm honored to know such a skilled and devoted team of language teachers!


blog posts published

We relaunched our blog for Norwegian learners in August. Read the latest post here: Happy new word!


surveys submitted

We love data. So, we have surveyed a lot of people about what they want to learn, as well as their background and how they want.


students trained

We are so proud to have helped more people than ever improve their language and communication skills.


placement tests performed

You can test your language skills on test.lingu.no in French, Spanish, Russian, English and Norwegian.


conversations with customers

You guys are talkative! Or maybe we should improve our self-service knowledge base?


hours in the classroom

We've trained people a bunch of different languages, including Japanese and Chinese. However, not surprisingly, most classes aim to teach people Norwegian and English.

92 535

learning hours

...which translates to ten and a half years of continuous, non-stop language learning! What an incredible feat!
Thank you so much for choosing Lingu. You guys are awesome!   We hope that you will enter the next year with high learning ambitions! Check out our course catalogue here.   My best wishes for the next year!

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