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Lingu Sandnes åpner 15. januar 2019! 300 meter i fra Ruten finner du nå Lingus nyeste kurslokale. Her vil vi ukentlig ha kurs i Yrkesrettet norsk med arbeidspraksis (for NAV), spesialtilpassede bedriftskurs og våre ettertraktede «fast-track» norskkurs, på A1 og A2 nivå. 

Lingu Sandnes

Address: Holbergs gate 15, 4306 Sandnes, Norway

Featured courses

A1 - Beginner level

A1 Norwegian course - Beginner level

The A1 fast-track Norwegian course is the beginning of your journey to master the Norwegian language. You will be able to use the most common words and everyday phrases, as well as getting a technical understanding of the language.
Starts Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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A2 - Elementary level

A2 Norwegian course - Elementary level

The A2 course will give you a stronger vocabulary and a better understanding of the language. You will continue to work on grammar and technical aspects of the language as well as learning how to combine more words to form better sentences and a colloquial language.
Starts Monday, May 06, 2019

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KPA courses are tailor-made courses for the workplace.

Private Lessons in English (package)

With private lessons, your goals are our goals, and we work together to reach them! You will get your own personal instructor who will create a course highly adapted to your needs and interests.

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