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Our fast-track courses are perfect for learning Norwegian as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a student, you will soon become more confident and able to use your language skills independently at work and in your social life!

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Welcome to our language center in Stavanger!

Start a language course at any time!

We have carefully designed our Norwegian courses to fit the busy professionals' program. Our courses offer you a fast-track Norwegian language course with flexibility in terms of schedule, study method, and learning pace. They are suitable for persons with higher education and preferably a second language besides the mother tongue.

Our goal is to expand the student's career opportunities by equipping them with reliable and practical language skills in Norwegian.

5 great reasons to join Lingu Stavanger

  • Small classes with 6 to 15 persons
  • Approved by Norwegian immigration authorities and valid for permanent residence
  • Inspiring and professional course instructors that care about you
  • Choose between daytime and evening classes, either online or as classroom lessons in our language center
  • Includes unlimited access live online classes every day and an excellent e-learning resource

Course fee: From NOK 2290 per month

Course venue: Lingu Stavanger, Madlaveien 10, 4010 Stavanger


Course materials

All students must buy the corresponding course materials and bring to the classes:

We also highly recommend Exploring Norwegian Grammar as a useful grammar reference.

All students must bring the course materials to each class. You can buy the books online, using the links above, or buy them from our course venue on the first day.


Feedback from students

I have found Lingu’s intensive 5 week courses complemented with home online learning a brilliant experience. The staff in the Stavanger office are all really friendly and helpful and i have been really pleased with the experience so far. I definitely intend to carry on with the following levels.


Approved by Norwegian immigration authorities

Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge (formerly Vox). Both the online and offline training follows the formal curriculum for Norwegian language and social studies for adults. You will get a course certificate at the end of the course, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway.


Upcoming Norwegian courses in Stavanger

Here are our available fast-track Norwegian language courses in Bergen. Choose a level to read more and register. If you are not sure about your language level, you can take our free placement test.

Select your start date! 

Whether you are a beginner on A1 or an intermediate student on B1, we always have room for you on the course! So you can register today and start learning straight away.

The course start dates mentioned are only the recommended start dates for new beginner participants. If you are on level A2, B1 or B2 you should have no problem with following our course program, no matter when you join.

A1 - Beginner level

A1 Norwegian course - Beginner level

The A1 fast-track Norwegian course is the beginning of your journey to master the Norwegian language. You will be able to use the most common words and everyday phrases, as well as getting a technical understanding of the language.

Stavanger 1. julio 2019

Oslo 1. julio 2019

Bergen 8. julio 2019


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A2 - Elementary level

A2 Norwegian course - Elementary level

The A2 course will give you a stronger vocabulary and a better understanding of the language. You will continue to work on grammar and technical aspects of the language as well as learning how to combine more words to form better sentences and a colloquial language.

Oslo 1. julio 2019

Stavanger 1. julio 2019

Bergen 8. julio 2019


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B1 - Intermediate level

B1 Norwegian course - Intermediate level

The B1 level is the most exciting one! Most students find the key to the Norwegian language when attending this course. The course includes both the B1 modules. You will work on grammar and technical aspects of the language to make sure that you are enhancing your spoken skill as well as your listening comprehension.

Stavanger 1. julio 2019

Oslo 1. julio 2019

Bergen 9. julio 2019


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B2 - Upper-intermediate level

B2 Upper Intermediate Norwegian

The B2 course is all about finalizing your understanding of the Norwegian language. Improve your conversational skills and enhance the technical part of the language. You will be equipped to handle all common language situations in Norway and do so confidently.

Oslo 2. julio 2019

Stavanger 2. julio 2019

Bergen 3. septiembre 2019


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C1 - Advanced level

C1 Advanced Norwegian (fast-track)

Dette kurset er for deg som har fullført norskkurs på nivå B2 og snakker mer eller mindre flytende norsk med stort sett riktig grammatikk, men mangler ord og selvtillit.

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