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September 2nd and 3rd kick off the semester start for our popular Norwegian courses in Oslo, Bergen, Sandnes and Stavanger!



September 2nd and 3rd kick off the semester start for our popular Norwegian courses in Oslo, Bergen, Sandnes and Stavanger!
See the information below for course start times and other details.



After you register for courses with us, you will be invited to meet with our local course expert. During the meeting, you will learn about our unique course program and acquire a course plan that will tell you what it will take to reach your goals.

Our Norwegian courses are popular because:

  • You get access to the market's fastest and most flexible Norwegian courses!
  • You decide when you want to learn, how you want to learn and where you want to learn!
  • You get the best and most engaging teachers available!

Our course program is "fun, fast and flexible".

We combine interactive online assignments with engaging lessons online and in the classroom. Throughout the course, you will gain a thorough understanding of written and oral Norwegian, and plenty of hands-on training to develop your listening and conversation skills.
The course is explicitly designed to make it possible to learn Norwegian even if everyday life is busy.



All course participants must use the following books:

  • For A1 and A2:
    Norsk på 1-2-3 (order here) - 1 book in total
  • For B1:
    Stein på stein (order this and this) - 2 books in total
  • For B2:
    Course materials are online and included in the price. Access is granted at the start of the course.

You can order the books online or buy them at one of our language centers.



We are approved by Kompetanse Norge to provide Norwegian and Social Studies courses for newcomers to Norway. All course participants will receive free course certificates once the training is completed.

The course certificate is valid documentation of your Norwegian training when applying for permanent residence or citizenship in Norway.



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