Can I pause my licence period while on holiday?

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Anika Salvesen

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Yes, you can!

For most courses, you can pause your access at any time, and then reactivate once you are ready to continue.

Navigate to My account page.

For subscription courses:

When the subscription has been paused for 7 days or longer, you can see a similar button that says "Reactivate". This will reactivate your course access again.


For other online courses:


Important information

  • Pausing the subscription does not change your renewal dates. In stead, the pause will give you a credit that applies to your next invoice (see example 1 below). Also, a paused subscription will renew, just like an active one, but with 0 charge (see example 2 below).
  • Pausing is not the same as canceling. A paused subscription will automatically resume after 30 days and you will continue to be charged again.
  • Pausing your subscription will take effect from midnight. So if you pause your subscription in the morning, you'll still have access until the end of the day.
  • The minimum duration of a pause is 7 days. After this you will be able to reactivate the subscription at any moment.
  • After reactivating the paused subscription, you will not be able to pause again before one month later. Use your pauses wisely!
  • While the subscription is paused, no charges will be made to your credit card.


What happens to my charges when I pause and reactivate the subscription?

The pause will give you a credit that applies to your next invoice. If you pause your subscription for a week, you will be charged for the next period, minus the value for the paused week (about 1/4 of the monthly fee) on the next renewal.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, this credit will remain in your account balance in our system and will be deducted on your next purchase. We do not refund the credit from the paused period.


What about renewals during and after a pause?

Example 1:

Olga signed up for a monthly subscription of NOK 1790 per month on 3 April. After two weeks, she pauses the subscription, and reactivates the subscription again one week later. On 3 May, she will be charged NOK 1385 which is a NOK 1790 - NOK 404 for the paused week.
Note that the renewal date did not change, only the amount charged.


Example 2:

Peter signed up for a monthly plan on 1 Oct. Three weeks later, on 21 Oct, he paused his subscription, giving him a credit of NOK 630. On 1 Nov, the subscription was renewed, but this time, the charge was 0. Peter reactivated his subscription again on 3 Nov. On the next renewal, Dec 1st, Peter will be charged for the new period (1 Dec - 31 Dec) + NOK 1675 for the current period (Nov 3 - Nov 30), minus the credit from his pause (NOK 630). His total charge on 1 Dec is NOK 2835.


I don't see an option to pause my subscription. What do I do?

Not all courses have the option to be paused. However, you can reach out to the administration and ask for an exception.

If your licence period has ended, you can sign up for a new course here.

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