Common Norwegian movies and music


Julian Griffin

Last updated 12 months ago

Try to surround yourself with the language and culture as much as possible with movies, books and films. Basically, try to take on a hobby in Norwegian that you will be able to do even if you are sick, tired or in love. 

Norwegian music

  • Plumbo
  • Cir.Cuz
  • Jørn Hoel
  • Karpe diem
  • DumDum Boys
  • CC Cowboys
  • Postgirobygget
  • Katastrofe

Movie watch list

  • Kon Tiki
  • Max Manus 
  • Uno
  • Kongens Nei
  • Hodejegerne
  • Nokas
  • Trolljegeren
  • Dead Snow
  • Børning
  • Hawaii, Oslo

Comic books

  • Pondus
  • Nemi 


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