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The virtual classroom is a video conference with your teacher. We register attendance on these lessons, and all hours are counted.

Note 1: You must be on time for the lesson. The instructor will not accept students who tries to enter 15 minutes or more after the class has started.

Note 2: The teacher will update the attendance within 48 hours after the lesson. So please be patient even though the system lists you as absent until the teacher has updated this. Until the attendance has been updated, you'll be listed with status as 'absent'.

In order to attend the virtual classrom, you need to follow these steps. 

  1. Download the "Adobe_Connect_Info.file" below, and follow instructions. This is a “must”!
  2. Navigate to the member page or calendar
  3. Find the lesson you want to join and click the link to Join meeting.
  4. Follow the instructions to join the class and use your registered name to sign in as a GUEST. 

For more instructions related to Adobe Connect, download and read the file attachment below.

You can also join from a smartphone or tablet, in which case you will be directed to download and install the Adobe Connect mobile app before you can join. After installing, please click the Join Meeting link again, and you can now join the lesson.

Please remember to attend as a guest as your user name and password for Lingu is not being used in adobe connect. However, please use the same name and email address as you used for booking teh course, so that your teacher could recognize you easily. 

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