How will my attendance in virtual classroom be registered?


Odd Bjerga

Last updated 8 months ago

The teachers will record the attendance in our system, based on certain rules. He or she is doing this within 48 hours after the class. So please be patient and don't bury us with emails and phone calls if your attendance isn't updated right away :)

Rules for attendance registration

  1. You must be present and available. if you log in to an online class but do not respond to your teacher's questions, you may not be registered as attended. Even if you experienced technical problems for example with the audio, this may apply.
  2. If the online class is clearly marked as a conversational class, and you are not able to participate with a working microphone, you will not be marked as attended.
  3. If you are more than 15 minutes late for the class, for example you log in halfway through the session, you may find that your attendance is not registered.
  4. If you are logged in, but do not connect to the audio stream, you will not be accredited the hours. Your attendance status will show up as absent.

Of course, it could happen that the teacher just missed your name on the list. Kindly email the teacher directly if your attendance is not registered 48 hours after the class AND the above rules did not apply to you. If you don't have the email to the teacher, please contact the administration.

You can check your attendance under your profile under My results.

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