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Course certificate requirements

The requirements for achieving a course certificate in Norwegian language are as follows:

  • Actively discuss and provide feedback on essays submitted by other students
  • A valid license for the training period
  • No outstanding (unpaid) invoices
  • Minimum 2 hours in instructor-led class attendance for every 10 hours online self-study
  • Completed the mandatory student survey
  • Complete profile with full name, date of birth, Norwegian social security number and a residence address in Norway.
  • No use of scripts or bots to reload the page or in other ways manipulate the timer.


The certificate will be uploaded to your account and sent via email. We do not send hard copies.


Duration of an hour

In academic contexts, it is common practice to count hours as 45 minutes. This is our practice at Lingu too for in-house and live online classes. However, in online self-study, 1 hour is 60 minutes. 

60 minutes online self-study + 45 minutes class attendance = 2 hours


Weekly limits

There is no upper or lower limit as to how much you can study, however there are limits to how many hours can be accredited to the course certificate.

From 1 Jan 2017, you can be accredited maximum of 12 hours per week. Of these 12 hours, a minimum of 2 hours must be in live, instructor-led training (in-house or online). It is the average that matters. Therefore you can attend extra live classes later if you have not attended them for some time. If you have 4 hours one week, and 20 hours the next, the average will be 12 hours.


Regulations for learning activity in Portfolio

If you have access to Portfolio learning resource, your activity will be imported the following week, on Monday or Tuesday. Your accredited activity will be limited to 10 hours per week and 1 hour per page.

Important notes:

  • The week starts on Mondays. If you start the course on for example a Thursday, the first week will be Thursday-Sunday, and week number two will be Monday-Sunday.
  • Answer the exercises! If you merely open the pages and/or read the content, we may discard the time. Try to complete as many exercises as possible instead of repeating only a few. 
  • Do not use bots or scripts to reload the page or manipulate the time tracker. This will be discovered when we do our routine checks before issuing the course certificate and the time will not be accredited.


Calculating the hours

The actual calculation of hours will be done when we issue the course certificate. It is a bit time consuming to do so, so we will not do this on request during the course. You can request the certificate any time, and we will issue it according to the hours you have achieved at that time. If you want us to update the certificate later, there is an admin fee of NOK 350.

You can monitor your tentatively accredited time from Portfolio here:

My results -> Other accredited time


Tip: Click the record's time column to show the details. You can also download the documentation by clicking the download icon to the right.

You can also check your activity in Portfolio, but remember that we will import maximum 10 hours per week from Portfolio.

On the menu, click ‘Verktøy’ / 'Tools', and choose the option 'Brukeraktivitet' / 'User activity'


Click where it says ‘Tid brukt’ / 'Time spent'


Scroll down and check the number of hours you have been working each week in "Ukentlig oppsummering" / 'Weekly summary'

Note: Keep in mind that you will need to answer the exercises in order for the activity to be accredited. The system will stop registering your time if there is no activity. But even if the hours are listed under your results page, if you have not answered the exercises, you may not be accredited this time on your certificate.

The use of bots or scripts to manipulate the timer in Portfolio is strictly forbidden.


No parallel online training

Some students have tried to sign up for online courses with several schools at the same time in order to complete the required 250 hours in the shortest possible time. This defeats the purpose of the training in the first place. It is not a goal to complete the hours in the shortest amount of time, but actually learn the language and be able to score A2 or higher on the language test.

It is not possible to attend two online courses in Norwegian language.

It is, however, still possible to attend a traditional classroom course and learn online with Lingu at the same time. It is also ok to simultaneously do social studies or other courses that are not related to Norwegian language.

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