The time I spend on lessons is not being tracked


Odd Bjerga

Last updated 3 months ago

Some students experience that they open a lesson to watch a video, write an essay etc. But the time spent is not saved and listed under the lesson time.

The reason could be one of the following:

  • The timer will stop counting when you reach the maximum allowed for that page. The maximum time is 2x the estimated time for that page. If a video is 10 minutes, you'll be accredited maximum 20 minutes for that page. If you exceed this limit, the timer will stop counting. It will, however, count further on other pages.
  • You have been idle or left your computer for a long period. The timer will stop and show a notification in the upper right corner. Once you are using your computer again, it will resume tracking your time.


How to track your time spent on lessons

1. Go to your Lessons overview on My results page.

2. Click the time record under Time spent for the lesson to see the details.


This will open a popup with details of the lesson content, and your time spent compared to the estimated time. If your time spent is more than 2x the estimated time, you'll see the blue triangle for that page.

3. Keep this page open in one tab, and continue the course in another tab. The time record should update about every 30 seconds or so. If you close and open the popup, changes to the tracked time should be reflected.



Some users have reported issues with the time tracker but we have so far been unable to reproduce the problem on our end. If you have the same problem, please help us by explaining in detail how you navigated and at what time the time tracker stopped counting further.

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