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У Lingu ми знаємо, що кожна людина і кожна компанія мають різні потреби, коли справа доходить до мовних курсів. Ключ до успішного курсу полягає в здатності вчителів задовольняти ці конкретні потреби.

  • Потребує аналізу
  • Індивідуальний дизайн курсу


Ділова англійська

  • Business Communication Skills

    Business Communication Skills

    Our BRAND NEW e-learning business course for companies who wish to quickly and effectively improve their employees' English proficiency skills. This course focuses on fluency, professionalism and building confidence in a range of specific skills required in the workplace. Детальніше


  • Clear English

    Clear English

    This is a writing course that introduces Clear English guidelines for the efficient use of language in the workplace. The concept of Clear English was originally created by government agencies to make it easier for the public to understand complex official documents and correspondence. Today it is used by many different industries to help people write in a simple, understandable and concise way so that their written communication is effective and user-friendly.   Детальніше


  • English for Work Intensive Workshops

    English for Work Intensive Workshops

    The English for Work intensive course will help you improve your business English both quickly and effectively. The course provides a safe learning environment, where you will increase your knowledge about business English and have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshop activities. Детальніше


Business English

Lingu is a market leader in tailor-made Business English courses for business and industry and the public sector. Our blended learning approach provides a combination of traditional teacher-led training and high-tech e-learning that is perfect for busy professionals who don't want to compromise on quality. We offer a broad range of customised, flexible teaching programmes that can be geared towards the requirements of any workplace.

At Lingu, we know that individuals and companies have different needs when it comes to language courses. We also know that many professionals find it hard to balance demanding work schedules with the need to improve essential language skills.


That's why our Business English courses are flexible, can be fully customised to meet participants' needs, and involve blended learning — a combination of teacher-led training and online self-directed learning. The content of your course can be tailored according to the specific needs of your workplace, and you can decide how much classroom time to combine with our online self-study lessons. 


To ensure your course is the perfect fit, we carry out a free needs-analysis interview with each course participant to evaluate their level, requirements and wishes.

Our strength is in our ability to meet your specific needs!


Lingu є лідером ринку спеціалізованої та професійної мовної підготовки для приватного бізнесу та державного сектору.

Довіряють деякі з найбільших імен Норвегії

  • Skatteetaten
  • SSB
  • Høgskolen i Innlandet
  • Randstad
  • Finansforbundet
  • Eika
  • DNB
  • Total
  • NAV
  • Siemens

Зв’яжіться з нами сьогодні, щоб обговорити мовні потреби вашої компанії

Anne Tufte

Anne Tufte

Anne is a partner and head of sales and marketing (CRO) at Lingu. For many years she was CEO of the International Language School, until the company merged with Lingu in 2019. Anne is the contact person responsible for all course deliveries taking place in line with customers' requirements and expectations. She has over 25 years’ experience in the planning, sale and coordination of large contracts within work-related language training, and has, amongst several others, the following customers in her portfolio: Apotek1, DNB, Norges Bank, Siemens, Skatteetaten and Utenriksdepartementet. Anne is always happiest when she is working to solve new course challenges for Lingu's corporate customers.