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Approved by UDI for permanent residency, Lingu offers the most flexible online course for social studies. During the course you will learn about Norwegian society, culture, politics, education, labour market and so much more.

50 годин

2 990 NOK


75 годин

3 990 NOK


Choose 50 or 75 hours, depending on your arrival time in Norway

  • 100% онлайн

  • Затверджено UDI

  • Обов'язковий для кваліфікованих робітників

  • Гнучкий і простий

  • Current Norwegian law requires you to take the Social Studies course within 1 year if you arrived in Norway after January 1st, 2022*

  • Applicants for permanent residency or citizenship in Norway must show proof of course completion when applying.

  • The 300 hour training must be taken with a UDI - approved course provider, such as Lingu.

*You can opt out of this course by providing a letter of exemption to UDI. The letter of exemption can be obtained after passing the official Social studies test, given at municipal study centres nationwide.

Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Lærer i norsk og samfunn

Yngvil is bilingual and is an experienced immigrant herself; has lived in the UK, Canada and the US for many years. Her formal education and professional background is varied : She his a certified teacher of Norwegian, English and Social Studies, and she has degrees from London and New York in acting, music performance and film scoring. Her hobbies (!) are economics, law, international politics and intercultural communication. So 50 hours of social studies is right up there for Yngvil! She has been teaching expats online and in classroom settings for over fifteen years. When not in the Lingu zoom room, she is busy playing and writing music, running a jazz festival, chasing moose and rabbits off her yard, researching legal rights for binationals in Norway and finding ways to save the world.

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Who the course is for

The course is for you if you if

What you need

To take the course you need to:
  • Understand and speak English at intermediate (B1) level or higher.(The course is taught in English)
  • Use a headset with a microphone and a good internet connection when attending virtual classroom sessions.
To receive your certificate you need to:
  • Complete all individual coursework and tasks
  • Pass the test at the end of each module
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 instructor-led classes per module (2 per module if you are taking 50 hours)

How the course is structured

The course is organised in 3 modules as defined by the Integration Act.

The average time to complete the course is 8 weeks.

Your learning time on the platform is tracked automatically.

Мета навчання

After completing the course you will have knowledge about:

Learning methods

Lingu's course in social studies blends independent learning with attractive course materials and live virtual classroom discussion lead by an instructor. Our course format makes learning fun!

  • Дивіться відео уроки

  • Прочитайте короткі тексти

  • Слухайте записаний аудіоматеріал - навіть включаючи музику!

  • Watch fun and informative talks by international experts

  • Пройдіть тести

  • Приєднуйтесь до дискусій у віртуальному класі

  • Complete module in order of your preference

Затверджені курси

Lingu акредитована HK-dir . Це означає, що сертифікат курсу, який ви отримаєте в кінці курсу, буде дійсним документом, який підтверджує вашу соціологічну підготовку, і прийнятий імміграційними органами (UDI).


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