National offer of online language training

Lingu is a digital provider of language training for immigrants in Norway. We have 15 years of experience as a course provider and partner for both businesses and municipalities around the country. In recent years, we have invested in the development of new tools and resources for digital language training.

On behalf of Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir), we offer a supplementary service to municipal adult education centers.

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Self-service solution
A simple and user-friendly LMS with access control, digital course materials, messaging, and reports.
Language tests
Register participants for digital placement tests and final level assessments.
AI-supported learning
Artificial intelligence (AI) provides feedback and support for participants in real time.
Collaborative tools
Our tools support multimodal interaction and communication between participants and teachers.

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4 courses available

How to get started

From the Directorate's website:

You should first contact supplier No. 1, who should receive all initial inquiries. If this supplier does not have capacity, you can contact supplier No. 2. If neither of these have capacity, you can turn to supplier No. 3.


  1. Lingu AS
  2. Norasondegruppen AS
  3. K2 Kompetanse AS

When the municipality has agreed with the Supplier on what to purchase, the order form must be filled out and sent to the Supplier. The Supplier must confirm in writing that they have received the form and inform whether they have the capacity to offer the requested course within three (3) business days at the latest.

The order form is an attachment to the agreement (SSA-L General contract text with appendices) entered into between the Supplier and the municipality.

Once the order form is signed, the agreement is binding. When both the municipality and the Supplier have signed the agreement, you have entered into a binding agreement governed by the SSA-L with accompanying appendices. Remember that a data processing agreement must be entered into with the supplier before personal data can be processed. The suppliers are responsible for this.


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