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Norwegian for health professionals B1

A Norwegian course for health professionals who wish to qualify to work in the health sector in Norway. The course content covers a broad set of health care topics.


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    Drop-in live classes with professional teachers. Choose between mornings and evenings.

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  • Health related topics

    Covers 32 health realted topics and excercises from Norwegian healthcare institutions

Norwegian for Health Professionals is an online course covering the basics of Norwegian health care industry vocabulary. This course is for all who have education or work experience as a health professional, or healthcare worker, and wish to qualify to work in the health sector in Norway.

All the lessons include audio, which helps while getting to know words and expressions.

You can start the course any time!


Learning objectives

You will be able to join flexibly scheduled online live teacher-led lessons on a drop-in basis, where you will be introduced to key areas and topics such as:

  • Health care in Norway
  • Various occupations and sectors in health care
  • Elderly care
  • Illnesses
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists industry
  • Ethics and Communication
  • Mental Health
  • Patient Rights
  • Alternative Therapies

The course will also provide the vocabulary you can use in different situations at work. Reading and listening comprehension, grammar and pronunciation are also emphasized in the course.


The Norwegian at the minimum level of A2 is the course participation requirement. We recommend you to take the regular Norwegian course at the same time if your level requires it. If you do not attend the regular Norwegian cousre, you can still join, but you should have participated on a A2 course earlier or get level A2 at Lingu's placement test.

Course program


Online lectures and practical assignments based on real cases are waiting for you.

In materials you’ll meet the nurse Selena from Spain who is newly employed at a hospital, through films and reading texts taken from authentic workplaces and fictional journals. She meets several professions and gains insight into several professions and functions both inside and outside the hospital.

NOK 2,495 per month

Start dates

These dates are recommended start dates for new students, however you can start any time!