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Business Norwegian is a course that combines live-lessons and digital learning resources in Norwegian language and culture curated for the business sector.

It is recommended for students who are currently on the B1 or B2 level. The resource prepares the student to understand and participate in the Norwegian corporate environment. Explore fine cultural nuances in both professional and social contexts in a course tailored to both employees and managers.

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This course includes:

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The learning material is composed of independent modules. Each module has a main theme and is divided into professional and social aspects of the topic. This allows you to freely choose which themes you want to focus on, at your own pace. In addition to providing you with the tools to master the language, the course focuses on cultural codes that apply in Norwegian business.

These are some of the topics you will find answers to in resources based on research, legislation, and close collaboration with actors in the Norwegian business world.

How can you present an idea or a product in Norwegian?
Which social rules apply during negotiations in Norway?
How can you communicate effectively with a potential new customer?
Which rights and obligations apply to you as an employee or manager, and what are the dynamics between them?
...and much more!

The structure of the learning material is suitable for self-study as well as group training. The modules contain self-correcting exercises, reflection tasks and the possibility of feedback from a teacher.

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