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Jeg likte at jeg kunne være med selv, og at tematikken ikke var 100% satt i forkant. Vi fulgte ikke pensum, men tok tak i ting jeg ønsket hele veien. Godt å ha fokus på det "muntlige" fremfor grammatikk etc. fra pensumbok.


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Business Communication Skills

This course is designed for companies who would like to improve the employees' English proficiency. Participants will acquire English skills that convey fluency, expertise and professionalism.
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Clear English

This is a writing course that introduces Clear English guidelines for the efficient use of language in the workplace. The concept of Clear English was originally created by government agencies to make it easier for the public to understand complex official documents and correspondence. Today it is used by many different industries to help people write in a simple, understandable and concise way so that their written communication is effective and user-friendly.  
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English for Work 

The English for Work intensive course will help you improve your business English both quickly and effectively. The course provides a safe learning environment, where you will increase your knowledge about business English and have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshop activities.
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IELTS or TOEFL Preparation Course

A preparatory English course specifically geared towards the IELTS or TOEFL test. With individual attention to your preparation phase, you will get a better score!

Language Coaching

Language Coaching is designed for managers and executives who require both business and culture-based language training. The course is customised to address the needs of the participants and is regularly adapted to the participants’ changing work situation and needs. Topics can range from debating current events to preparing a presentation of next year’s market strategies.
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Private Lessons in English

With private lessons, your goals are our goals, and we work together to reach them! You will get your own personal instructor who will create a course highly adapted to your needs and interests.
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Study Tour - Intensive Course in England

Book a tailor-made English language course in London or Canterbury! 
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