Lingu culture

What kind of values does the Lingu organization have? What do we stand for? What does it takes to succeed as an employee?

The culture at Lingu is brave, forward-thinking and authentic. But it shouldn't just be a culture. It should also be a movement that inspires others, a fleet that people notice, and that many (but not all) want to join.

  • Our destination

    Our mission and purpose is to merge technology with pedagogy, and nurture language heroes with the courage to challenge the unknown, ability to to seize opportunities, desire to explore and learn new skills and which expands people's horizons.

  • Ideology and views

    Lingu has a fundamentally positive view of the people we work with. Everyone can! We see our users as resourceful and competent. They surprise, master and excite. We derive joy and motivation over being able to contribute to people broadening their horizons by learning new languages.

Core values

  • Lingu has four beacons (values) that help us navigate towards our destination. These serve as guidelines that support our vision and strategy by giving us a common direction and guidance in the choices and actions that carried out in the short and long term.
  • The lighthouses are an articulation of expectations for managers and for employees. They therefore function as management tools that limit the need for control and administrative management. The lighthouses also influence the organizational culture largely.
  • Be a captain

  • Be inclusive

  • Be a pioneer

  • Be curious

Be part of our mission

Want to work with dedicated and talented people from around the globe, who are commited to language training and edtech? We're always looking for smart, driven people to join the team!

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