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Approved by UDI for permanent residency, Lingu offers the most flexible online course for social studies. During the course you will learn about Norwegian society, culture, politics, education, labour market and so much more.

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  • Approved by UDI

  • Mandatory for skilled workers

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Who the social studies course is for?

The online course 75 hours social studies is designed for adult immigrants and expats in Norway who are required to complete 300 hours Norwegian language training and social studies according to the Integration Act. This training can only be taken with an approved course provider, such as Lingu.

This course is also highly suitable if you have the right (“rett og plikt”) to a free course at your local municipality, but would prefer to take the course in a flexible online setting rather than attend traditional classroom lessons.

  • If you arrived in Norway or received your visa AFTER 01.01.2022 you should take the 75 hour Social Studies course, within one year after your arrival
  • If you are considering applying for permanent residence or citizenship in Norway, you will need to show proof of completed course as part of your application.
  • If you arrived in Norway or received your first visa BEFORE 01.01.2022 you only need 50 hours Social Studies. You can take this shorter course online with Lingu.

How our online course works

Lingu’s course in social studies combines combines several learning modes. You will learn independently with course materials and join live classes with instructors to discuss the materials and topics

  • Watch video lessons

  • Read short texts

  • Listen to recorded audio material - even including music!

  • Watch fun and informative talks by international experts

  • Take quizzes

  • Join virtual classroom discussions

  • Complete module assignments in a format of your choice


  • The course is taught in English. Participants must understand and speak English at an intermediate (B1) level or higher.

  • You need a headset with microphone and a good internet connection to attend the virtual classroom.

Learning objectives

The social studies course multiple subjects organized in 3 modules as defined by the official curriculum. Each with 25 hours split over 10 chapters.

  • 1st Module

    Education, Work and Qualification

    25 hrs

  • 2nd Module

    Health, Family and Everyday Life

    25 hrs

  • 3rd Module

    Norway, Then and Now

    25 hrs

It is possible to take all 3 modules at the same time, or stagger them over a semester. The earliest you can complete the course will be 10 weeks after starting the course.

Upon completing the course you will have

  • Knowledge about essential historical, social, economic, cultural, political events, institutions and recent developments, and the ability to express this knowledge.

  • Knowledge about your own rights, opportunities and duties within the Norwegian society and legal system and the ability to use this knowledge in your everyday life

  • Ability to reflect upon and discuss basic values and challenges in the Norwegian society related to democracy, equality and human rights, as well as experience in expressing own opinions on these matters.

Approved by Norwegian immigration authorities

Lingu is accredited by HK-dir. This means that the course certificate you get at the end of the course will be valid documentation of your social studies training, and accepted by the immigration authorities (UDI).

In order to pass the course and receive the certificate, you need to achieve the following criteria

Our learning platform tracks your work and attendance in real time. In order to complete and pass the course, you need to complete all course materials and tasks and attend a minimum number of virtual classroom sessions.

  • Complete all tasks and quizzes
  • Complete a module assignment for each of the 3 modules
  • Pass the test at the end of each module
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 instructor-led classes per module


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    Instructors are briefing very well. Awesome experience.


    I liked the part about types of visa, immigration laws and updates. Practical advice from the teacher's experience regarding PR as well.

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