Our mission

Lingu’s mission aims to expand the worldview and opportunities for the people we work with.

Help people learn new skills, seize new opportunities, and expand the human horizon


Lingu has a proven business models in Norwegian language training, serving consumers, businesses and governments. At the same time, the company invests heavily into education technology to make training services more scalable, and learning the language more flexible and fun.

To both maintain growth in existing business, and innovate new business models, Lingu has two equal visions that fuels our respective teams.

  • Merge technology and language training, and help millions of students master a new language.


Digital superpowers

We bring superpowers to language teachers by building an engagement platform for instructor-led games, teamwork, social interaction, and personalization. Using machine learning, our engine output deep analysis of learners’ progress over time, and bring data-driven insights back to the teacher, who experiences more engaged students, better learning outcome, and unique insights into each student.


We will grow our business operations into new markets and evolve into new services in the language training space, by building student-focused and innovative approaches to language training.

Core skills

We're constantly looking for the talent in the following fields.

  • TECH

    Web and mobile applications, IT infrastructure


    Revenue charters for success captains. Sales and success work.


    Instructional design, content development, media production


    Language training, adult pedagogy

Be part of our mission

Want to work with dedicated and talented people from around the globe, who are commited to language training and edtech? We're always looking for smart, driven people to join the team!

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