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Lingu develops learning tools and resources for Norwegian and business English, designed for language training and teaching adults and young people.


Gamified and engaging elearning

With financial support from Innovation Norway, we built a unique platform where we offer game-based and engaging e-learning.

The Lingu team has delivered job-relevant language training to major players in business for the past 20 years, and our e-learning resources are built on the experience we have gained of the needs in the market.


using authentic job scenarios

We believe flexible, interactive and game-based language training ensure better communication skills

  • Samaneh's journey A1-C1

    A digital learning series in Norwegian as a second language for adults. The teaching materials are built around a story about an Iranian actor named Samaneh who moves to Norway.

  • Selena's anatomy B1-B2

    Health Norwegian at levels B1 and B2 with the main focus on the working language and language situations in the health care system. The learning resource is built around a story about a Spanish nurse, Selena, and an Italian pharmacist, Mario. It is developed in collaboration with professionals in the health sector.

  • Business Communication Skills

    BCS is a modular course that aims to improve the student's communicative skills at the workplace, such as presenations, meetings, phone calls and much, much more.

  • Lingupedia

    Free learning resource from Lingu, designed for those who want quick and easy access to topics in grammar and pronunciation.

Bespoke course productions for your needs

We can create complementary e-learning modules for a specific industry, the company's own style guide, or language tests in oral or written language use, adapted to the company's needs

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The Lingu platform

'The Lingu platform aims to create engaging and meaningful online learning experiences. To ensure engagement in the training, we use several methods:'

  • Gamification

    Mechanics from game world used as a motivational factor in training. Word pronunciation is linked to orthography and an illustration of the word`s meaning. High-frequency words are prioritized in texts and games. System tracks the participant`s word learning, measures and illustrates participant`s active and passive vocabulary.
  • Narrative method

    Used in storytelling to move and touch participant emotionally, and motivates the participant to complete the training.
  • Teach - Engage - Test

    Is Lingu`s own developed method that ensures interactivity and quantity training. Language is a skill, not a knowledge. To become good at the language, the participant needs extensive training and practical practice. The TET method means that the participant gets interactive exercises and verifies that the participant has actually understood and can use the language.

Examples of content are:

  • Reading texts with sound and illustrations
  • Short video clips
  • Text and voice message tasks
  • Authentic dialogues and interviews
  • Game-based tasks (to train syntax, listening comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary)
  • Visual glossary (where the participant connects illustration with pronunciation)

Easy to get started

We can offer simple and self-service solutions for access management and reports. We also offer API for technical two-way integration with our platform.

  • simple access control
  • reliable time log and history of e-learning
  • participant's progression overview
  • simple participants import from Excel etc.
  • GDPR-compliant computer system
  • Privacy

    All of Lingus' sub-processors have entered into a data processor agreement that complies with the European requirements (GDPR). Personal data is only processed in the EU and is well secured. The participant owns their own personal data and learning data. The platform safeguards the user's rights to correction, export, deletion based on the applicable processing basis. Participants can correct information, request access, change consent, see who has access, etc.

  • Universal Design

    Learning portal is universally designed and can be adapted for people with visual impairments and people with cognitive and sensory challenges. The platform received a grant from Kompetanse Norge (now HK-dir) in 2019 to meet the requirements of the WCAG 2.1 standard for universal design of learning portals. One of our organisation's value concepts is "be inclusive". This means that we at Lingu are particularly concerned that all people should have equal access and equal opportunities.

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