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Business Communication Skills

Our BRAND NEW e-learning business course for companies who wish to quickly and effectively improve their employees' English proficiency skills. This course focuses on fluency, professionalism and building confidence in a range of specific skills required in the workplace.


We are proud to launch our new e-learning Business Communication Skills (BCS) course, an engaging and effective work-related online English course. The course includes all of the content from the customised business courses we have provided to companies over the last 20 years, repackaged on a fun and interactive platform enabling participants to learn when and where works best for them. The main goal of the course is to enhance your employees’ communication skills in English using relevant scenarios in the workplace.

  • Online classes available from February 2022

  • Flexible times and number of classes per week 

  • 0 - 30 instructor lead classes depending on your company’s needs

  • Online self-study program included 




This course is designed to give participants a strong base in their English and work up to an advanced level across a range of specific skills, including: 

  • Mastering etiquette in the world of business

  • Networking and small talk

  • Writing professional emails 

  • Communicating using diplomatic and assertive styles

  • Chairing and participating in meetings

  • Negotiating with clients

  • Giving effective presentations

All skills are taught so that participants will gain confidence in their English in both formal and informal situations.


All courses include:

  • Fun and interactive teacher-led online classes

  • Training of newly acquired skills through engaging activities

  • Highly skilled and educated teachers who ensure job-relevant learning

  • Pre-course consultation by the teacher to understand:

    • Relevant topics and scenarios

    • Employees’ work responsibilities

    • Current use of English at work

    • Language levels

  • Tailored classroom sessions using a customised selection of the various BCS units 

  • Additional material directly related to the participants’ work



When you sign up for a BCS course, you will receive access to our online self-study program. This program comprises four units for each of the three modules, including progress-evaluation tests and written assignments. Participants can use this in combination with teacher-led classes to perfect their English quickly and effectively.



The course is made up of three modules, each containing four units covering a specific topic.

Business Communication Skills 1: Networking and Formalities (B1: Lower Intermediate) 

BCS 1 covers all the elements of business English relating to building relationships, including: 

  • An introduction to effective language learning

  • Selling yourself

  • Networking and building relationships 

  • Etiquette and politeness

Business Communication Skills 2: Effective Communication in the Workplace (B1/B2: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate) 

BCS 2 covers all the elements of business English relating to effective communication with colleagues and clients, including:

  • Clear communication in speech and writing

  • Diplomacy and feedback

  • Organisation and Planning

  • Chairing and participating in meetings

Business Communication Skills 3: Negotiation and Presentations (B2/C1: Upper Intermediate/Advanced)

BCS 3 expands on several themes covered in previous units and includes new, challenging material in the areas of:

  • Negotiation

  • Closing deals

  • Giving presentations

  • Creating a convincing argument

Contact us today to find out how the BCS course can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your company!


  • Carolyn Hoggarth

    Carolyn Hoggarth

    Head of English

    Nicole Gallicchio

    Nicole Gallicchio

    Jamie Linn Olsen

    Jamie Linn Olsen

    English Instructor

    David Cregan

    David Cregan

    English Instructor

    Melissa Patrick

    Melissa Patrick

    English Instructor

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4.63 38 reviews

    Læreren var en god formidler, og kurset var engasjerende.


    Adapted to our level and skills. Relevant cases/tasks.

    Herman Mathias

    Kurset var innenfor temaer som er relevant for arbeidshverdagen vår.


    Fikk oppfrisket engelsken, og jobbet med mer profesjonell språkbruk.


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