Business Communication Skills

Our BCS courses aim to enhance the participant’s English proficiency, ensuring that they attain a professional and productive level of Business English. Course participants will acquire English skills that convey fluency, expertise and professionalism.

Prices and registration

Tailor-made Business English courses for improved communication

The course programme has been developed with a high degree of flexibility so that it can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the participant’s work situation and their language level.

We have been teaching bespoke BCS courses to many businesses and organisations for more than 10 years and we are proud of all the positive feedback received. An online BCS course is also available.

The aims of BCS 

Our BCS courses aim to enhance participants´ English proficiency, ensuring that the students attain a professional and productive level of Business English. Course participants will acquire English skills that convey fluency, expertise and professionalism.

Participants will:

  • improve their communication skills in specific work-related scenarios.
  • increase their levels of confidence and professionalism in oral and written communication. 
  • enhance their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence construction and punctuation.
  • know when to use formal/informal style and tone.
  • learn how to explain specialist terminology used in the work place clearly and concisely.


Method and approach

We at Lingu believe our BCS courses can benefit every professional working in an international setting.

  • Tailored classroom sessions using the various standalone BCS modules.
  • Additional material directly related to the participants´work area.
  • Online exercises and materials.

Classroom lessons

The classes are 100% adapted to suit the learner´s requirements. In combination with the BCS modules the teacher will include real work scenarios to enable participants to use specialist terminology with greater confidence. We provide group classes, one-to-one sessions at our schools or at the client´s premises. It is also possible to organise video conferences and Skype lessons. Lingu has had extremely good results from these digital alternatives to classroom teaching. 

BCS online  

The net-based course offers a straightforward, effective and practical approach to Business English for participants at all levels. The online course comprises eight modules, each of which includes oral and written assignments. Course content has been specially compiled to include useful learning resources and examples from business and industry.

The Four Levels of Business Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills - Basic (B1 - lower intermediate)
BCS basic is the course for learners who are using English in a business context for the first time. Particpants will gain a solid foundation in a variety of business communicaiton activities, such as email correspondence and speaking to clients face to face and on the phone.

Business Communication Skills 1 - (B1-B2 - intermediate)
BCS 1 is suitable for learners who wish to significantly improve their professional English communication abilities. BCS 1 consists of the following standalone modules:

  • Introductions and small talk
  • Grammar for the workplace
  • Telephoning in English 
  • Written business communication 
  • Meetings and negotiations
  • Presenting in English


Business Communication Skills 2 - (B2-C1 upper intermediate/advanced)

BCS 2 expands on several of the BCS 1 modules and also includes new, challenging material.  It consists of the following:

  • Presentation skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Business meetings
  • Negotiations and cultural awareness
  • Written Business English (reports, contributions and guidelines)
  • Reading
  • Discussion and interpretation of articles 
  • Grammar for the workplace


Business Communication Skills 3 - (C1-C2) advanced

BCS 3 comprises a two-day intensive job-oriented workshop for advanced speakers of English.  After a consultation with the teacher the workshop aims to enhance the oral and written skills highlighted.

The BCS 3 workshop covers

  • Making a presentation
  • Responding to challenging questions
  • Participating in a simulated meeting   
  • Chairing a meeting debate or a discussion 
  • Practising social skills and small talk 
  • Cultural awareness


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Course lessons

Welcome to Business Communication Skills



Estimated time

0h 2m


Social English



Estimated time

2h 2m



Welcome to the first lesson which focuses on:

  • Presenting yourself and others socially
  • Small talk 
  • Polite conversation
  • Polite phrases
  • Social e-mails
  • Describing your job and responsibilities
  • Describing your company

Business Writing



Estimated time

1h 19m



This module focuses on:

  • Mechanics – capitalisation, punctuation, numbers, abbreviations
  • Tone – Formal and informal language
  • Standards for different types of letters
  • E-mail writing 
  • Redundancy cutting
  • Common vocabulary mistakes 

Grammar in the Workplace



Estimated time

1h 11m



This module focuses on:
•    Common grammar errors – general
•    Common grammar errors – for Norwegian speakers 
•    Present simple and present continuous verb tenses
•    False friends
•    Prepositions
•    Countable and uncountable nouns 

This course is available on request

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