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  • Fast-track Norwegian

    Fun, fast & flexible

    Fun, fast and flexible Norwegian course in small groups with dedicated instructors and classes twice per week. Plus full access to everything in the other two plans.

    NOK 2,490 per month


  • Norwegian for healthcare

    for health professionals

    A Norwegian course for health professionals who wish to qualify to work in the health sector in Norway. The course content covers a broad set of health care topics.

    NOK 2,495 per month


  • Simply Online Norwegian

    Drop-in classes

    Welcome to our drop-in program with live, engaging instructor-led classes online! Suitable if you have a busy schedule, but still appreciate live classes and teacher's guidance.

    NOK 1,890 per month


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Business English🇬🇧

Our BRAND NEW e-learning business course for companies who wish to quickly and effectively improve their employees' English proficiency skills. This course focuses on fluency, professionalism and building confidence in a range of specific skills required in the workplace.


Business English

  • Social studies online

    Social studies online

    Approved by UDI for permanent residency, Lingu offers the most flexible online course for social studies. During the course you will learn about Norwegian society, culture, politics, education, labour market and so much more.

    Start any time!

    From NOK 2,990


Norwegian for health professionals B1

A Norwegian course for health professionals who wish to qualify to work in the health sector in Norway. The course content covers a broad set of health care topics.


Norwegian for health professionals B1

NOK 2,495

Fun, fast and flexible Norwegian🇳🇴 language courses

Norwegian language courses

At Lingu you can attend approved Norwegian language courses! Join our live online classes where our teachers are ready to inspire and help you learn, directly to your living room or office!

Or join our local courses in Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger, where you'll get the best of digital learning experience as well as a small group with a professional teacher.

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  • 5 stars

    I liked the part about types of visa, immigration laws and updates. Practical advice from the teacher's experience regarding PR as well.

    Vicente II Plaza

  • 5 stars

    The course was great and there was a lot of opportunity to speak Norwegian. I really like the combination of local and virtual classroom learning.


  • 5 stars

    The course is well structured super easy for beginners to follow the course. The teacher is highly knowledgeable and perfectly understands each and everyone in the class and give special care and encouragement if someone goes behind course.


  • 5 stars

    Mest av alt på dette kurset likte jeg at det var interaktivt og veldig godt strukturert.



  • 5 stars

    I liked most the interactive sessions and openness/patience of my teacher. Also the way she brings up the extra materials for me to read and practice.


  • 5 stars

    The course was very simple to follow.


Single Player Norwegian

A gamified learning experience for independent learners Suitable self-directed people. You'll get access to our game-based learning materials and an online community.

All levels from A1 to C1 NOK 790/month


Single Player Norwegian course

Great communication is great for business

Our company courses are professionally designed for both top managers and employees, to achieve their language educational goals in the quickest and easiest way. We develop a professionally personalised learning plan dedicated directly to your business needs. We ensure that all our business customers will achieve their language proficiency and professional learning goals with a full focus on the direct working area requirements.

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  • SSB
  • Høgskolen i Innlandet
  • Randstad
  • Finansforbundet
  • Eika
  • DNB
  • Total
  • NAV
  • Siemens
  • “The instructor's approach and energy, the content, the supported writing sessions, the group dynamic...the handouts and summaries were also really useful! The whole course was incredibly helpful and inspiring.”

    Sigrid S.

    Høgskolen i Innlandet

  • “Jeg opplevde at vi raskt fikk en god relasjon til læreren. De ukentlige timene ble et av ukens høydepunkter og det å "studere" igjen ble ren glede.”

    Tine S

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Do you want to improve your Norwegian and expand your network in Norway? Join our social events that are designed to give you the opportunity to speak and practice Norwegian with other people, and have fun! Completely free of charge and drop in with easy registration both online and at our language centers.

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