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Lingu is a test venue for the IELTS English language proficiency test.

We also offer a range of preparation courses so you can make sure you put in your best performance on the day.

IELTS with Lingu

Get more detailed information about the IELTS test in Norway and find a suitable date and test location.

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Prepare for the IELTS test!

Lingu has over 15 years of experience providing language training both in the classroom and online.

Our instructors are all qualified native speakers with years of experience helping people get their target score on the exam.

We offer classroom and online preparation courses, and a one-to-one personalised crash course.

Classroom and online group preparation courses
Supporting interactive e-learning lessons and AI writing tutors
One-to-one personalised classes with a dedicated teacher

Which IELTS course should I take to succeed?

IELTS Preparation Courses (classroom or online):

If you would like to understand how the test works, get useful test-taking strategies and find out how to personalise your preparation, take one of our IELTS Preparation Courses. These are available in the classroom or online.

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  • Identify your current language level and areas for development
  • Create a personalised plan to achieve your target test score
  • Get familiar with the listening, speaking, reading and writing parts of the test so there are no surprises on the day
  • Develop your test-taking strategies

IELTS Personalised Crash Course:

To just focus on the specific areas of the test where you need to improve, take our IELTS Personalised Crash Course. If you have a specific weak spot or are planning to do "one skill retake", constant feedback from your own dedicated teacher can really make a difference to your score.

Calendar icon Classes can be in person or online subject to teacher availability.

  • Get a dedicated teacher who will identify your weak spots and put together a personalised plan
  • Create strategies to achieve your target test score
  • Train multiple tests while getting constant correction and feedback
  • Learn according to your own pace and schedule

Course schedule and location

Lingu’s IELTS Preparation Courses are designed to finish in time for the next test. Courses are five weeks long and include one 2-hour group session per week. We offer both classroom and online courses. Please contact us to check availability in your area.

The IELTS Personalised Crash Course is a package of one-to-one sessions that can be fully customised to fit your personal schedule and availability.

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