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Clear English

This is a writing course that introduces Clear English guidelines for the efficient use of language in the workplace. The concept of Clear English was originally created by government agencies to make it easier for the public to understand complex official documents and correspondence. Today it is used by many different industries to help people write in a simple, understandable and concise way so that their written communication is effective and user-friendly.  

Using clear and understandable language, your communication with clients and colleagues will:

  • become easier and more polished
  • result in faster processing of your work tasks
  • boost your company’s reputation for clear communication


All participants will be interviewed by an English teacher before the course starts. During the pre-course consultation with participants, the teacher will gather information regarding relevant topics, scenarios and cases for use throughout the course. This gives us information about the employees’ work responsibilities, current use of English at work as well as providing us with an idea of their language levels.


Our course materials are designed to be flexible and can be adjusted to suit any organisation. In addition to our own materials, this course incorporates written documents from you – the customer. Once the teacher receives the materials you would like included in the course, the teacher will adapt the course to your needs. The course can begin two weeks after the teacher receives the company materials.


We provide classes at our schools or at the client´s premises.

  • Group workshop: 2-day intensive or 4-day
  • Private one-to-one classes


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