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Klarspråk på engelsk

Clear English er et skriftlig engelskkurs utviklet av Lingu. Det er designet for ansatte i offentlig administrasjon eller for personer som kommuniserer skriftlig med internasjonal partnere og organisasjoner.

This 2-day course in using clear English will be topic-orientated. All writing, speaking, grammar and pronunciation activities will be designed around one or more themes (e.g. “giving instructions”) and commonly recurring workplace scenarios/cases (e.g. an email from a client who is unsure about how to proceed with an application process). The ratio of writing to speaking activities will be approximately 3:1.

Using clear and understandable language with clients/customers will:

  • Lead to smoother communication on both sides
  • Result in speedier processing of applications and cases
  • Give your organisation a reputation as efficient and easy to deal with



Information regarding appropriate themes and scenarios/cases will be obtained from the students at the interview stage along with any examples of work-related documentation (letters, emails, application forms etc) the students are able to provide.

The course will begin with an introduction to the concept of Plain English as presented by the Plain English Campaign on which our Clear English course is based.


Course duration

The course includes 3 – 4 full-day workshops. However it is also possible to order this course for individuals, in which case it will be structured as 7-10 lessons each lasting 3 academic hours.

Group size – ideally 10 participants so that everyone has the opportunity to take an active part in lessons.

All participants will be interviewed by an English teacher before the course starts. This gives us information about the students’ work responsibilities, current use of English at work as well as providing us with an idea of their language levels.


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