English for Work 

This intensive course is designed to help professionals improve their business English skills effectively in a relaxed and positive learning environment. Using our Business Communication materials, participants will rapidly increase their knowledge of business vocabulary and phrases and will have the opportunity to utilise their newly acquired skills through workshop activities.

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Welcome to our English at Work Intensive Course


Why join this course?

  • Gain more confidence when using written and spoken English in the workplace
  • Improve your business relationships with English that is professional, polite and diplomatic
  • Enhance English skills for writing business e-mails, participating in telephone calls, face-to-face meetings, discussions and negotiations.
  • Avoid typical vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation errors that Norwegians often make in a professional context.


Course content

Intercultural communication
Improve language awareness, by comparing the direct Norwegian approach with less direct methods as used in native English speaking countries. Learn how to use more personable techniques.

Politeness and conversation skills
Gain clarity on rules of etiquette in a variety of professional situations. Practise small talk and improve conversation skills to aid the process of estabishing new business relationships.

Pronunciation skills
Receive guidance and training to correct the typical pronunication errors that Norwegian speakers make. Develop knowledge of the correct phonetic aounds and when to apply them.

Telephone skills
Review common expressions used in business phone conversations and practise via role plays

Email writing    
Enhance business emails for a variety of professional correspondence

Common vocabulary and grammar errors    
Identify common vocabulary and grammar errors  and learn how to avoid them  

English self-study and online materials
View and gain access to websites for English self-study and use (e.g. business English, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension)

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