English for Work 

The English for Work intensive course will help you improve your business English both quickly and effectively. The course provides a safe learning environment, where you will increase your knowledge about business English and have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshop activities.

Welcome to a Two-day Intensive Course in English at the workplace!

English at work – confident and competent?


Why join this course?

  • Gain more confidence when using written and spoken English at work
  • Get a better knowledge of English that is both professional and polite
  • Improved telephone, e-mail and face-to-face English language skills
  • Avoid typical vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation errors that Norwegians make when using English 


Course content

Intercultural communication
Improve communication by learning about how the Norwegian style of communication differs from other countries’ communication styles

Politeness and conversation skills
Get confirmation about the rules of politeness in English and learn about, improve and practise small talk and conversation skills

Pronunciation skills
Receive help with typical errors that Norwegians make with pronouncing English words and letters of the alphabet

Telephone skills
Learn about common expressions used in phone conversations and practise via role plays

Email writing    
Discover and practise using e-mail expressions and receive assistance with writing typical work e-mails 

Common vocabulary and grammar errors    
Identify common vocabulary and grammar errors that Norwegians make when using English and learn about how to avoid them  

English self-study and online materials
View and learn about websites for English self-study and use (e.g. business English, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension)


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    Jeg likte at jeg kunne være med selv, og at tematikken ikke var 100% satt i forkant. Vi fulgte ikke pensum, men tok tak i ting jeg ønsket hele veien. Godt å ha fokus på det "muntlige" fremfor grammatikk etc. fra pensumbok.


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