Secret recipes and cooking vocabulary

Secret barbecue recipes & the vocabulary that makes you a language chef this summer!

Secret recipes and cooking vocabulary -

As soon as the sun is shining, you’ll find most Norwegians in front of their barbecues. Some tend to repeat their culinary repertoire year after year, but a dedicated foodie loves to experiment with ingredients and peoples expectations on what you can or cannot grill.     

In Lingu we are eager to learn, we love testing new things and we have a great fondness for food. Great recipes are often well kept secrets, but after promises of everlasting fame on Norskbloggen we have managed to sway two of our team members to share their most special recipe with for you!  


Astrid's recipe: Barbecue pizza 




Golara’s recipe: Grilled fish soup



So while we are waiting for the sun to return and for you to test out amazing grill recipes, we have prepared an overview of the vocabulary you need to know when grilling / cooking like a Norwegian!  

Click here to "become a language chef"!  


So start practising today and you'll be grilling like a Norwegian in no time! 

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Odd Bjerga

Odd Bjerga
лип. 11, 2017