Accessibility policy

Lingu's websites and applications must at all times satisfy at least AA requirements in the accessibility standard WCAG 2.1.

One of our organisation's values ​​is "be inclusive". This means that we at Lingu are particularly concerned that all people should have equal access and equal opportunities.

Statistics show that one in five adults in Norway has a permanent need for assistance in one form or another. In addition, everyone may have temporary or situational needs for accessibility features, such as when carrying something with one hand and only having one hand available to perform a task.

Universal design is therefore great design – for everyone.

"Diversity is essential for creative thinking and building great products and services. Embracing our differences is core to building a vibrant culture and catalyzing innovation. We believe that recognizing, praising and enhancing each other's unique abilities and treating each other with respect and trust is one of the keys to our success."

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Accessibility objectives

Lingu's goal is that web solutions must at all times satisfy at least AA requirements in the accessibility standard WCAG 2.1.

We will

  • have clear and understandable language
  • offer website translation into as many languages ​​as possible
  • offer simple options for font enlargement, turn on high contrast and turn on/off sound effects
  • continuously correct WCAG errors
  • make it possible to read the content with screen readers, including image descriptions.
  • put an alt tag on all images that are not pure design elements

We realize that we have a long way to go to realize our vision. Feel free to help us get better at universal design! We appreciate your feedback if there is something on our site that doesn't work. Is something not working properly? Do we write heavy and difficult language? Is there a functionality you miss or doesn't work? Then we would appreciate it if you contact us so that we can improve it.

If you have feedback about availability, please contact us by e-mail:

This statement applies to the following websites:

  • The Lingu mobile app

Photo: Michal Czyz @digitalmike / Unsplash