New requirements for mandatory social studies and Norwegian classes 2022

From 1 Jan 2022, there are new regulations for how many hours are required when you apply for permanent residency in Norway. Read all about the new regs here.

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When applying for a permanent residency in Norway, you are required to take a course in social studies (applies to everyone from 18 to 67 years of age). 

If you arrived or received your first visa* before 01.01.2021, you will need to complete 50 hours of Social Studies 50 (50x45 min).

If you arrived or received your first visa* on or after 01.01.2021 you need to document 75 hours of  Social Studies (75x45 min).

*Visas counting towards permanent residency and most temporary visas (not tourist and student visas).

Transition Period


Through December 2021, students may complete either
SK50 (7 chapters + final test + 6 online classes)
SK75 course (3 modules + module assignments + 9 online classes).
From 01.01.2022, the 3-module course material will be the only option available.

Students looking to complete the old curriculum, must do so by December 31st.

NOTE : Students who only need 50 hours (i.e. arriving in Norway before 01.01.2022) will still be able to complete their required hours enrolling in Lingu’s SK75 course after 01.01.2022. These students will complete roughly 2/3 of the new curriculum. However, we strongly recommend taking the entire course for everyone, as the information provided is crutial to all new residents in Norway.

LINGU’S75 Social Studies course

We are happy to announce that we are offering a NEW 75 hrs course in Social Studies, that conforms with new UDI regulations taking effect from January 1, 2022. The course is in English, and all materials are available online, thus you can complete the course at your own pace and schedule. You will be able to join our live online classroom sessions up to 3 times per week (afternoons/evenings). See below for virtual classroom attendance requirements. The rest of the course is done independently on our online learning platform. There is a minimum attendance requirement you need to meet in order to complete these courses and receive certification of completion. The rest of the course is done independently on our digital learning platform online. The student can complete the course in as little as 3 weeks or as much as 10 weeks. 

The Social study course costs 2990NOK with access to study materials and classes for three months.

Requirements for completion:

  • Complete all course materials (videos texts, tasks)

  • Complete module assignments and tests 

  • Attend 3 live teacher lead virtual classrooms per module

Read more about the course and register here:

Social Studies Online Course

You can start the course at any time!

Read more about the most flexible course in Social Studies, approved by UDI for permanent residency. Get started today.


Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Yngvil Vatn Guttu
груд. 20, 2021