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Samanehs Reise Self-study Course C1

Samaneh's journey C1 is designed for advanced learners seeking to refine their Norwegian language skills. The curriculum focuses on developing complex language structures, advanced vocabulary, and precision in communication. With a strong emphasis on active engagement and critical thinking, the program offers a challenging and intellectually stimulating learning experience for those seeking to achieve fluency and proficiency in Norwegian.

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Single Player Norwegian course

Study by yourself, with our guidance!

Welcome to a unique online language course, designed for adults who want to learn to speak and understand Norwegian with the flexibility to study at their own pace.

We understand the busy adults, which is why our course is perfect for those who want to learn Norwegian on a low-cost, independent basis, whenever and wherever suits them best. 

This particular course doesn't require any live class schedule. You will learn on your own, with our professional guidance helping you achieve your goal. 

Our course is suitable for adults of all ages, including those who are just beginning their language-learning journey. Once you sign up, you'll be on a membership plan giving you complete access to learning Norwegian online, for as long as the membership is active. It is up to you how long this course lasts.

Join us today and experience a unique learning journey with Lingu's Norwegian language courses!


What you will learn

During the course, you will follow the Iranian actress Samaneh who moves to Norway. Despite facing challenges, she shows strength and determination. Samaneh is helped by her Norwegian friends and colleagues, as well as friends from her language course. She encounters typical migrant worker challenges in Norway but also gets to travel and explore the country. You'll learn improved writing skills, knowledge of Norwegian culture and society, and the ability to handle both familiar and unpredictable situations. You will feel comfortable in expressing moods, emotions, and opinions, suggesting and discussing viewpoints and opinions, and describing future plans and wishes.

Through a variety of interactive activities, learners will have the opportunity to engage in high-level exercises, as well as analyze and critique authentic texts in Norwegian. The course aims to provide learners with the tools to articulate their ideas, express nuanced opinions, and navigate complex social and cultural situations with confidence. 


Samanehs reise is perfect if you

  • want a low-cost option for learning Norwegian
  • want to study independently and whenever, wherever suits you
  • have a hectic schedule and have difficulty committing to attending live classes 
  • don't need to collect the hours for permanent residency purposes 


How does it work? 

As a member of the Samaneh program, you will study independently online, using Lingu's exciting and innovative language-learning technology based on games. 

Our self-study platform is a place where you will gradually receive pieces of new knowledge, then practice the new skill in different games that give you a variety of tasks, and finally pass a short test to see if you achieved the learning objective.

Sign up today and experience a unique learning journey with Lingu's online Norwegian language courses!

Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що програма Single Player розроблена для самостійного навчання та навчання, і тому не дійсна для цілей постійного проживання. Його також не можна буде поєднувати з іншими курсами для цієї мети в майбутньому. З метою збору часу навчання для постійного проживання в Норвегії, будь ласка, виберіть одну з наведених нижче навчальних програм, яка підійде саме вам.

149,00 NOK

Питання, що часто задаються

  • You are welcome to study as much as you want during the Samaneh's journey course, but please remember that the time spent on this course cannot be and will not be counted towards the official certification. The reason is that only instructor-led training is valid for permanent residency, and this is a self-paced course.

  • Single Player course is a course based on self-study techniques and access to our new, fantastic self-study, e-learning platform based on the newest learning technologies, allowing you to study yourself at your own pace. 

    The Single Player course offers: 

    • full access to our Single Player self-study online materials based on the newest e-learning technologies

    • great flexibility to learn whenever you want and how fast you want without any need to commit to regular times and days

    • access to our online and school-based Språkkaffees allowing you to practice your speaking skills with students from all other courses during weekly conversational meetings.


    The Single Player course does not offer: 

    • twice-weekly scheduled Fast-Track live classes on Zoom, with a teacher and a well-organized group (only included in the Fast-Track Online)

    • full access to our flexibly scheduled, Simply Online live classes in Adobe Connect, which you can join on a drop-in basis ( included in Simply Online and Fast-Track Online courses only)

    • approved course certificate which can be used for permanent residence purposes, with the amount of completed learning time stated (only available for the Fast-Track Online and Simple Online courses).


    This course is great for you if you like the flexibility of learning, and do not need regular direct navigation to achieve your goals. It will suit you well if you are strongly self-motivated and work well with achieving your goals based on your own time plan, you like studying alone and trusting yourself with the progress. It will provide full learning freedom and flexibility or when and when you can learn.

  • Yes, learning online with the Single Player is very efficient, but since it is a self-navigated course when it comes to learning speed, it will all depend on your personal learning style and the pace you decide on. We do however have plenty of success stories already.

    Some students are a little bit reserved when it comes to online learning at the beginning, however after giving it some time they simply adore it!

    The feedback we get is that the way that Single Player course gives an extreme study pace and study style freedom, and helps you reach your goals in your very own way.

    At Lingu, we have many years of the online learning experience. 

    The fantastic e-learning platform which we give you access to, is designed based on the newest language learning technologies, and will make your study progress easy, and what is also very important, entertaining, and interesting! 

    From what we have heard so far, it really works and really fun!


  • Lingu is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants, however, the Single Player course does not qualify you to collect hours towards your permanent residence permit application.

    If you require to collect the time which can be officially documented for the permanent residence permit application purposes, we would advise you to check out our Fast Track Online or Simply Online course instead. 

  • There is no need to purchase any additional learning materials when you join our Samanehs journey Course.


    All our materials are included in the course.

    Once you have joined the course, you will receive access to our fantastic new e-learning platform based on the most recent and best learning technologies, where whilst using various kinds of educational tasks and games, you will be able to make your progress quickly and learn efficiently.  

  • Your individual progress will depend on many factors, such as how much time you have available for study. However, based on our long professional experience, we have a standard duration for each course ( which can be flexible if you decide to switch sooner or later than shown here):

    A1 level: 2 months

    A2 level: 2 months

    B1 level: 4 months

    B2 level: 4 months

    C1 level: 4 months


    If you estimate that you are ready to move up to the next level faster than the standard pattern, or alternatively, stay with any level for longer, that is absolutely fine. 

    You can simply decide to move on when you are ready.

  • You will soon find that learning online is actually very easy and brings great and quick results!

    The Single Player course allows you to learn to speak in many ways, by practicing talking, by listening, and by self-learning and reading. All of that to achieve your goals at your own pace, with help of our professionally-designed learning materials.

    By choosing the Single Player course you will have access to
    a great, newly developed e-learning platform, based on the newest learning technologies, allowing you to achieve your goals even faster using multiple study tools and gamification.

    All the learning methods combined, will soon give you the ability to express yourself verbally in the language.


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    21 вересня

  • Завтра

    22 вересня

  • Наступного понеділка

    25 вересня

  • Через два тижні

    02 жовтня

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