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Single Player norskkurs

Dette kurset er for deg som snakker mer eller mindre flytende norsk med stort sett riktig grammatikk, men mangler ord og selvtillit. Du bør ha tatt et kurs på nivå B2 tidligere.

Single Player Norwegian course
Hva får du i Single Player-programmet?

Ubegrenset tilgang til våre spillbaserte læremidler

Lær hvor som helst, når som helst

Lærers tilbakemelding på lydfilene og tekstene dine


Lingu’s Norwegian language courses are designed for adults who want to learn to speak and understand the Norwegian language and who need more flexibility in their training.


Let the games begin! 

The Fast Track C1 level really puts you and your languege skills to the test. This course is made to really finetune the skills you already have, find potential holes and cover them up so you have a proper and solid understanding with broad knowlage regarding both grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation. On the C1 level the student will work on understanding complex communication, improving linguistics and language proffessionalism. The student will learn to write clear, well structured and detailed text and gain skills and understanding of the technicallity of the Norwegian language. 


Single Player is perfect if:

  • You want a low-cost option to learn Norwegian
  • You want to study independently and whenever, wherever suits you
  • You have a very busy schedule and have difficulty commiting to a rigid schedule  with minimal flexibility 
  • You want to connect with other independent learners
  • You don't want to attend traditional instructor-led classes 
  • You don't needto collect the hours for permanent residency purposes 


Learning objectives for C1

  • You will learn to deliver and understand a complex, verbal representation of information without being dependant on a clear, slow and articulate communicative partner. This also includes dialect and accents, podcast, film or other nuanced vocal situations where the language can be muddled
  • You will learn to understand comprehensive, complex texts, and percieve finer nuances, including attitudes and implicit opinions
  • Teach you to write clear, detailed and well-structured texts within a wide range of genres, and can adapt the language to the situation, the recipient and the message to be conveyed 
  • You will learn to adapt the language to different social situations both orally and in writing and express yourself with a high degree of precision. You will learn to easily follow and contribute to interaction in formal and informal discussions and conversations, even when it comes to complex and / or unknown topics. 


What's included in the Single Player program?

Access to self-study materials anywhere, anytime. 
Professional feedback on your essays and audio assignments.
Community learning, fun, socialising and discussions. 

As a member of the Single Player program, you will study independently online, using Lingu's very exciting and innovative language-learning technology based on games. 
You will also join a community of other independent learners during the study program, so you will not be alone. You will submit essays and audio recordings to your teacher, who will give you feedback on your learning progress. 


How does it work? 

Lingu's new, exciting and innovative language learning technoligy is based on games. Our self-study platform is a place where you will gradually recieve pieces of new knowledge, then practice the new skill in different games that give you a variety of tasks, and finally pass a short test to see if you achieved the learning objective.

Please note that the Single Player program is designed for self-paced and self-study-based learning, and is therefore not valid for the permanent residency purposes. It will not also not be able to be combined with other courses for this purpose in the future either. For purpose of collecting learning time for permanent residency in Norway, please choose one of the below learning programs, which will be suitable for you.

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Er du nysgjerrig på våre nettkurs, men usikker på hvordan det funker? Vår språkkafe er designet for å gi deg mulighet til å snakke og praktisere norsk med andre deltakere, men den er også det perfekte stedet å prøve ut vår nettundervisning. Du er velkommen til å prøve ut språkkafeen helt gratis!

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