Academic writing

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Course to develop proficiency in academic writing skills.

Our experienced instructors focus on clarity, cohesion, style and flow, elevating students’ writing to their target level.

Academic writing
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  • Icon Individual sessions focused on students’ personal needs
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Why choose the Academic Writing course?

Students in higher eduation and academics often need to write clearly and persuasively in English as part of their studies or research. This usually represents a significant step up for most people, even when they are already fluent and confident using English in everyday situations. As a result, students require a more specialist course including dedicated one-on-one teacher time to achieve their required level. Lingu's Academic Writing course fulfills this need.

The course focuses on clarity, cohesion, style and flow, and uses real texts from participants' academic fields so that the skills learnt in class can immediately be applied to their studies and research. In addition to detailed text analysis, group discussion and writing exercises, participants get the opportunity to clarify any longstanding doubts and work on their own writing in one-to-one sessions with their teacher.

After just one course, students will elevate their English writing skills to the level required of them in academia!

Course objectives:

  • Improve higher level and academic writing skills in English
  • Learn how to isolate key messages
  • Increase clarity and accuracy of academic texts
  • Understand appropriate style and level of formality
  • Refresh general writing skills and eliminate small mistakes
  • Effectively connect ideas together and build an argument
  • Boost confidence and the ability to explain complex ideas

Course schedule and location

Academic Writing is an online course, and the schedule can be fully customised to meet participants' needs. Courses can be taken during the day or in the evenings, and can he held intensively over one week or spread out over a month. Individual sessions can be scheduled according to each student's availability.

Lingu has years of experience training professionals online, meaning that participants can learn effectively from the convenience of their home, workplace or university. You may also request for classes to be held at your institution or one of our course centres. Please get in touch to discuss your options!

Contact our Sales team today for more information on pricing and to discover how we can tailor the course according to your institution's needs.


  • Nicole Gallicchio

    Nicole Gallicchio

    English Instructor

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