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Norwegian course for companies

Norwegian course for companies

Tailor-made Norwegian courses for the workplace

Lingu is a market leader in tailor-made business Norwegian courses for business and industry and the public sector. We offer a broad range of tailor-made, flexible courses geared towards the requirements of the world of work. With small-group teaching carried out by our highly proficient teachers we can guarantee high levels of participant interaction and a healthy learning curve.


Course structure 

The course encompasses key themes in Norwegian culture, history and society as well as thematically linked fictional texts. The objective of the course is to increase the participant’s Norwegian proficiency and communication skills in administrative posts or similar roles in the public or private sector.  

The course develops the participant’s communication skills in relation to Norwegian administrative language and the demands of Norwegian business and industry. Within the framework of job-relevant example scenarios, participants will practise their oral and written language skills in order to equip them linguistically to take part in working life. Suitable for employees from all sectors.

People and companies have different needs when it comes to language courses. The key to a successful course lies in the ability of the teacher to meet those needs. So we carry out a free needs-analysis interview with each course participant before every course to enable us to design a customised language, culture and communication course that is relevant and useful and directly based on the participant’s level, requirements and wishes.

Teachers prioritise extensive use of example scenarios based on actual work situations and requirements in terms of practising professional/specialist terminology. Participants may be offered video conference lessons if meeting the teacher face-to-face proves problematic. Lingu has had extremely good results from this type of teaching as an alternative to classroom teaching.  

Better Workplace Norwegian - 4 levels

Better Workplace Norwegian 0 - (A1-A2) Elementary
Better Workplace Norwegian 0 is a course for beginners who need a general introduction to Business Norwegian. In this course the teacher gives special consideration to the individual participant’s educational and linguistic background.  

Better Workplace Norwegian 1 - (A2-B2) Intermediate
Course participants enhance their proficiency in the Norwegian language and are given an insight into Norwegian society and the cultural differences that may present themselves. This is the perfect course for newcomers to Norway aiming to enter the Norwegian labour market. The course will mainly focus on disseminating knowledge and awareness about living in Norway and working in Norwegian business and industry.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction and presentation
  • Your first work meeting
  • Receiving visitors
  • Confirming arrangements
  • Telephoning and emailing
  • Figures and currencies
  • Expressing opinions
  • Small talk
  • Workplace culture

Better Workplace Norwegian 2 - (B2-C1) Upper intermediate/Advanced
This course builds on the foundation provided by Better Workplace Norwegian 1.
Course participants enhance their proficiency in the Norwegian language and are given a deeper insight into Norwegian society and the cultural differences that may present themselves. BWN 2 is also suitable for participants aiming to take the Bergenstest at advanced level. The course involves work on various texts and activities designed to increase the participant’s linguistic confidence and knowledge of Norwegian society.   

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Insight into how to better communicate specialist/professional knowledge in Norwegian
  • Communication skills in work-related conversations, both professional and social
  • Confidence and professionalism in work-related communication
  • Lingustic skills. Course content builds on relevant work-related scenarios.  

Better Workplace Norwegian 3 - (C1-C2) Expert
This course builds on the foundation provided by Better Workplace Norwegian 2.
Course participants will gain solid skills in the Norwegian language at an advanced level in addition to a deeper insight into working life in Norway and how to interact more effectively at work.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Understanding the social norms and rules in Norwegian working life
  • Communication strategies and models
  • Modern and professional written Norwegian
  • Relationship-building and goal-oriented language
  • Text and context, outline and structure, style and tone
  • Improving communication of specialist/expert knowledge and advanced grammar.

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4.49 103 opiniones

    The topics based on the current season - Easter, Nasjonalsdag, Pentecost. Great Kahoots!


    The course is well structured super easy for beginners to follow the course. The teacher is highly knowledgeable and perfectly understands each and everyone in the class and give special care and encouragement if someone goes behind course.


    The course was very simple to follow.


    I liked most the interactive sessions and openness/patience of my teacher. Also the way she brings up the extra materials for me to read and practice.


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