TOEFL forberedelseskurs

For privatpersoner

Personalised tuition from experienced native teachers to help you achieve the score you need in the IELTS, TOFL, or any other English proficiency exam.

Individual sessions focused on your personal needs
Flexible schedule to match your availability
Native teachers with solid pedagogical backgrounds

We can help you pass!

Our strength lies in the fact that we only employ proficient mother-tongue teachers with solid professional and pedagogical backgrounds. Our English teachers know exactly what is required in order to get a good mark on the test and how they can help you to achieve it.

If you’re planning to take the IELTS or TOEFL test in the near future, get in touch with us for more details and we’ll organise the rest!


  • Melissa Patrick

    Melissa Patrick

    English Instructor

Ofte stilte spørsmål

  • Not at all. Private classes will be completely personalized according to your needs and requirements. This means that you can discuss the times and duration of lessons, and any variation in these, with your teacher, and choose what suits you best. 

    The times can also vary from one week to another. It all depends on what suits you best and what you agree on with your teacher. 

  • The teaching methods for your private lessons with us will be chosen to match your exact needs and learning style. They will be fitted to your requirements and decided on with you and your teacher during the initial assessment lesson.

    We will design the best learning plan to make sure you learn quickly and in the best way for your learning style. 
    You will also soon notice that private classes are very efficient, and you will make progress very fast.

  • Yes, you are very welcome to choose private lessons as a learning tool to prepare for the official language exams of any kind. We have very experienced teachers working with exam preparations every day. They will guide you throughout the exact areas which you would like to strengthen and will help you reach your goals.

    Private lessons are shaped to your exact learning needs, so exam preparation can be just one of them!

    You will be able to choose the exact aims for your learning path, and we will make sure to offer the best and fastest way for you to succeed. 

  • Yes. If you agree with your teacher to follow the officially approved learning program then after finishing your course of individual lessons, you will receive an official certificate stating the number of hours you have completed and the language level you have attained.

    Private classes are designed to meet your individual needs. If you decide that you would like to receive an official certificate, the course can be structured  so that you will be able to receive one. 

  • Vi anbefaler at du starter med en kartleggingstime, og snakker med læreren din om opplæringsbehovet, og hva du trenger av timer for å kunne nå dine mål. Du bestemmer selv hvor mange timer du vil bestille.

Du får fleksibel og rask språkopplæring hos Lingu. Har du noen spørsmål? Chat med oss da vel!