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IMDi Scholarship - The Norwegian Education Scheme

Lingu manages scholarships from the IMDi through the Norwegian Education Scheme. Students who qualify for a course can apply here.

About the Norwegian Education Scheme

The purpose of the scholarship scheme is to provide targeted and flexible support to immigrants who need to strengthen their Norwegian language skills by offering them a limited number of teacher-led hours in Norwegian training. The long-term goal is to get participants up to B1 level or higher in spoken and/or written Norwegian.

Read more about the scheme on the IMDi webpage.


How does it work?

Lingu has received a grant from IMDi, meaning we can accept a limited number of participants on selected courses. Those who wish to apply for a scholarship can fill out the relevant application form. Our Customer Service centre will evaluate the applications and award free places on available courses worth NOK 10,000 to those who meet the conditions.


  • Only applies to select courses (see below)

  • Only applies to B1 courses (with the aim of achieving B1 level)

  • Only applies to participants who are not entitled to free Norwegian language classes through their municipal adult education scheme

  • Limited number of places available.

Fast-track Norskprøven B1

Fast-track classroom Norskprøven B1 is the Norwegian course for you if you want to take the official Norwegian proficiency exam. This hybrid course combines classroom teaching two days a week (available in both Oslo and Stavanger) with online teaching and e-learning.

Søk her

Read more about the course here


Norwegian for health professionals B1/B2

If you have trained as a medical professional and want to qualify to work in the Norwegian health sector, this is the online course for you. You will learn the most commonly-used health-related words and expressions used in the Norwegian health system.

Søk her

Read more about the course here