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Master the language with this intermediate to advanced online Norwegian course. The course follows the official syllabus. Your personal instructor and guide will provide feedback and help you achieve your goals.

CEFR Level: B1 Intermediate level
Course venue: Online
Course fee: From NOK 6,490 for 4 months

The B1-B2 online course in Norwegian consists of three core methodologies; the self-paced lessons, individual follow-up by the teacher, and conversation practice in the virtual classroom.   A...

The B1-B2 online course in Norwegian consists of three core methodologies; the self-paced lessons, individual follow-up by the teacher, and conversation practice in the virtual classroom.


A self-paced online course

The content of the course is a comprehensive self-study program that covers all aspects of the Norwegian language from intermediate  to upper-intermediate level. 


Personal instructor and guide

You will get a personal instructor who will provide feedback for you on the exercises you complete on the platform, and you will have regular follow-up conversations with the teacher. 


Virtual classroom lessons

All students on the program will be invited to join our virtual classroom lessons on B1 level. You can do maximum 12 hours online per week, including the virtual classroom lessons.


Approved training

Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge to provide online language training for adult immigrants. After completing the course, you will get a certificate that states the total number of hours you have completed with us. You can use this certificate in job applications and applications to the UDI regarding permanent residence permit or citizenship in Norway.


Target audience

The course is best suitable for people with a need for a flexible learning solution and who has generally good computer skills. You also need to be able to work independently.

The programme is for expats who want to master the language and/or take the Test in Norwegian – higher level (Bergenstesten).

The interface has Norwegian or English as standard language. You can define another interface language from the login page.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Lingu is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants, and online courses are also approved for Norway's permanent residence purposes. 

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a course certificate with totals the number of hours you have attended. 
You can submit this certificate as documentation for your permanent residence permit application.

We do not use books for our Simply Online courses, because all our materials are available online. 

All the online materials have been custom-designed by our expert learning-planning team, who have ensured that they are especially focused on achieving fast learning progress. 

You will find our courses professional, flexible, and fun, and all our teachers highly-skilled in guiding you safely through your online-learning experience. 

Yes, learning online is extremely efficient. It all, of course, depends on your personal preferences, however, we have thousands of success stories.

Some students are a little bit reserved when it comes to online learning at the beginning, however after giving it some time they simply adore it! 

At Lingu, we have many years of the online learning experience, and our outstanding, professional teachers are all specially trained to teach online. 

The courses are intensive and require quite a lot of work, but they are also great fun and we have fantastic feedback from our students. 

Your individual progress will depend on many factors, such as how much time you have available for study. However, based on our long professional experience, we have a standard duration for each course ( which can be flexible if you decide to switch sooner or later than shown here):

·       A1 level: 2 months
·       A2 level: 2 months
·       B1 level: 4 months
·       B2 level: 4 months
If you estimate that you are ready to move up to the next level faster than the standard pattern or, alternatively, stay with any level for longer, that is absolutely fine. You simply move on when you are ready. 

You will soon find that learning online is actually very easy and brings great and quick results.

In an online course, you learn to speak in many ways, by practicing talking, by listening, and by self-learning and reading. We have over 10 years' experience with online courses and we offer two varieties of them to match your needs and deliver exactly what you need. 

All these learning methods combine to give you the ability to express yourself verbally in the language. 

As part of your course, you will also take part in flexibly-scheduled live interactive classes. They are in a form of well-structured online group discussions and are a great way of learning to communicate in Norwegian.

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