Private lessons in English (package)

With private lessons, your goals are our goals, and we work together to reach them! You will get your own, personal instructor who will create a course highly adapted to your needs, challenges and interests, making it possible to reach further and farther!

Prices and registration

Private lessons, or 'one on one' teaching as it is often called, is a type of course that caters to your specific needs and challenges, and it doesn’t follow a pre-defined curriculum. 

Your teacher will create a tailor-made course for you, thus enabling you to reach your goal more easily than when taking part in group courses or studying on your own.



You will create your own schedule together with your teacher and depending on your course package the lessons may take place either during the day or varying between morning and evening.

  • Daytime = 08 – 16 Monday – Thursday
  • Flexi-time = 08 – 20 Monday - Thursday / 08 - 16 Friday


Start taking private lessons and you will:

  • learn more in shorter time
  • get a highly custom-made course
  • never have tedious lessons again
  • never wait for slow learners or large groups to catch up
  • always get motivated and inspired to continue
  • get a thorough understanding of the language
  • reach your goals faster!


Tip! If you sign up with a friend who has the same goal and level as yourself, you can share the classes and split the cost!


New to private lessons?

If you are new to private lessons, you should register for an assessment lesson first.
That is a short ‘meet up’ with your assigned teacher, so that you two can get together and create the tailored plan for your course. Your teacher will use some of the time to assess you, your background and areas of interest to you, and you will talk about your goal for the coming course. Thereafter you’ll be recommended a how to best achieve your goal and you’ll register for the course package best suited to your needs.


How to register and what's next?

Select an Assessment lesson first. During this class you will learn more about your own objectives and needs, and the teacher will suggest a path forward to reach these goals, and which package to choose.

For new students, please select "Any instructor in ..." and the appropriate location.

Fill in your details on the next page and we will contact you to know more about your thoughts for the coming course before we assign you a teacher. The teacher will then be notified and will contact you to schedule assessment lesson.

If you are an existing student just wanting to add more hours to your course, please select your preferred package and select your instructor from the list. The instructor will then be notified about the new course booking.

Please note that all references to an 'hour' is an academic hour of 45 minutes. A class session consists of 2 academic hours, ie. 90 minutes. The assessment lesson is 45 minutes.


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1 hour
En 45-minutters kartleggingstime med kursholder. Timen kan gjennomføres mellom kl 08 - 18 mandag - fredag.
500,00 kr
12 hours
Minipakke daytime
12 undervisningstimer på dagtid.
8 950,00 kr
12 hours
Minipakke flexi
12 undervisningstimer med fleksibel timeplan og tilgang til nettkurset Business Communication Skills
9 950,00 kr
24 hours
Startpakke daytime
24 undervisningstimer på dagtid.
17 500,00 kr
24 hours
Startpakke flexi
24 undervisningstimer med fleksibel timeplan og tilgang til nettkurset Business Communication Skills
19 500,00 kr
48 hours
Nivåpakke A daytime
48 undervisningstimer på dagtid.
35 000,00 kr
48 hours
Nivåpakke A flexi
48 undervisningstimer med fleksibel timeplan og tilgang til nettkurset Business Communication Skills
38 000,00 kr
64 hours
Nivåpakke B daytime
64 undervisningstimer på dagtid.
46 500,00 kr
64 hours
Nivåpakke B flexi
64 undervisningstimer med fleksibel timeplan og tilgang til nettkurset Business Communication Skills
49 500,00 kr
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Private lessons in English (package)
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