Fast-Track Online Norwegian B2

    06 Feb, 2024


    06 Feb, 2024


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    02 Jan, 2024

    Farzan Saeed

    16 Nov, 2023

    Maria Alva

    23 Oct, 2023


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    24 Jan, 2023


    Hva likte du mest ved dette kurset?

    variety of content and topics, friendly teachers

    Hva likte du ikke ved dette kurset?

    "Samanehs reise" is full of errors and/or missing translations etc. The online exercises should be fixed. Sometimes the dictation exercise had long whole sentences, which were too difficult to type that quickly, it's better when it's only 1-3 words that need to be written.

    Noen flere kommentarer til din kursopplevelse?

    great course, but the online content "samanehs reise" should be reviewed and issues fixed, and if I could give one suggestion for improvement to the teacher it would be to just call out participants by name to ask for responses to questions. Otherwise a lot of time goes wasted by polite people waiting for others to answer or no one answering, etc. It is easier to just call on people, that way more shy people also get encouraged to speak. And corrections of mispronunciations and misspellings are super helpful, so teachers should not be afraid to correct mistakes.