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Fast-Track Online Norwegian B2

The Fast-Track B2 course is all about finalizing your understanding of the Norwegian language, improving your conversational skills, and enhancing the technical part of the language. You will be rady to handle all common language situations in Norway and do so confidently.

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Lingu’s Norwegian language courses are designed for adults who want to learn to speak and understand the Norwegian language and who need more flexibility in their training.


The B2 Norwegian course gives you two Fast-Track Online lessons per week, and pronunciation and oral skills will be a primary focus along with grammar  and more complex text. Alongside our Fast Track course, you get access to our Simply Online lessons which you can join flexibly on a drop-in basis, as well as to our digital resources, being pour new fantastic interactive learning platform which you can access from your tablet, laptop, PC, and or mobile. The course's methodology emphasizes active learning. As a course participant, you will be active in both your own learning process and in your fellow students' as the course has a community based approach.

This course prepares you for the ''Norskprøve B2'' and ''Test i norsk på høyere nivå (Bergenstesten)''.

Learning objectives for B2

The upper-intermediate level is where you will be able to communicate effortlessly and fluently with native speakers. Your goals for learning Norwegian are now within reach.

We will cover

  • The inner workings of the Norwegian society
  • Admission requirements for higher education in Norway
  • Advanced level conversation skills
  • Writing various forms of texts


Accredited language course provider

Lingu is accredited by HK-dir (formerly Kompetanse Norge). You will get a course certificate when you complete the course, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway. As per the official regulations for online courses, you can be accredited a maximum of 12 hours per week for all online learning activities combined, and 1 out of every 6 hours must be in instructor-led classes.


Course materials

All course materials are included in the course price. There is no need to purchase any additional materials.

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  • Anna Jelonek

    Anna Jelonek


    Benedicte Vindseth

    Benedicte Vindseth


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NOK 2,490 per month


4.49 247 reviews

    Læreren får oss alltid til å smile. Det er så bra at vi får snakke så mye i hver time


    Me teacher was very energetic and positive, and tried to engage everyone to participate.

    Anonymous course participant

    Det er lett å følge opp og ikke kjedelig i det hele tatt. Ingenting å klage på!


    I loved the topics covered but also the teacher's approach and way of teaching


Our courses are completed and reviewed by thousands of students,
and recommended by 96%!

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, Lingu is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants, and the Fast-Track Online course is approved for Norway's permanent residence purposes. 

    Once you have completed the course, you will receive a course certificate with totals the number of hours you have attended. 
    You can submit this certificate as documentation for your permanent residence permit application.

  • You are welcome to study as much as you want during your during the Fast-Track Online course, but please remember that by regulations by Kompetanse Norge, we are allowed to accredit you with a maximum of 12 hours per week (on average) towards your certification.
    Every 2 out of 12 hours of the accreditation must come from attending live instructor-led classes.

  • You will soon find that learning online is actually very easy and brings great and quick results.

    The Fast-Track Online course allows you to learn to speak in many ways, by practicing talking, by listening, and by self-learning and reading. We have over 10 years of experience with online courses and we are very confident in our learning techniques.

    By choosing the Fast-Track Online course you will have access to:

    • a regular online study group with the same group of students  and same teacher closely navigating your progress

    • flexibly scheduled Simply Online lessons which you are welcome to use to practice your live language contact too

    • access to a great newly developed e-learning platform based on the newest learning technologies, allowing you to achieve your goals even faster

    All the learning methods combined, will soon give you the ability to express yourself verbally in the language.


  • The Fast-track Online course is a more structured and more intensive version of our course.

    The Fast-track Online course offers: 

    • twice-weekly scheduled Fast-Track live classes on Zoom, with a teacher and a well-organized group

    • full access to our regular, Simply Online live classes in Adobe Connect, scheduled flexibly which you can join on a drop-in basis

    • full access to our Single Player self-study online materials based on the newest e-learning technologies

    • a real classroom feeling just as if you were attending lessons at Lingu school in person.  

    • a regular group of classroom members, to work together and communicate with, just like at school

    • personal feedback and learning navigation from a teacher.

    • approved course certificate which can be used for permanent residence purposes (with the amount of completed learning time stated).

    • access to our online and school-based Språkkaffees allowing you to practice your speaking skills with students from all other courses during weekly conversational meetings.

    This course is great for you if you like the flexibility of learning, but you also work better with personal feedback direct navigation, and regularly scheduled group tasks and conversations, to make sure your progress is navigated and organised in a regular timely manner. 

  • There is no need to purchase any additional learning materials when you join our Fast-Track Online Course.
    All our materials are included in the course.

    Once you have joined the course, you will receive access to our fantastic new e-learning platform based on the most recent and best learning technologies, where whilst using various kinds of educational tasks and games, you will be able to make your progress quickly and learn efficiently.  

  • Yes, learning online with the Fast-Track course is extremely efficient. It all, of course, depends on your personal learning preferences, however, we have thousands of success stories.

    Some students are a little bit reserved when it comes to online learning at the beginning, however after giving it some time they simply adore it! The feedback we get is that the way that the Fast-Track Online classes are constructed, provides the students with the full-on classroom feeling, and they feel just as if they were at school learning together in a classroom. 

    At Lingu, we have many years of online learning experience, and our outstanding, professional teachers are all specially trained to teach online. We also offer access to the fantastic e-learning platform which is designed based on the newest language learning technologies, which makes the learning experience even more pleasant and of course effective, and from what we have heard so far, really fun!.

    The course is intensive and requires work from your side, but it is also entertaining and we have fantastic feedback from our students. 

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    September 26th - B2 FTO MW mornings at 09:00 with Benedicte

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  • Tue, 01 Nov 2022

    November 1st - B2 FTO TT evenings at 17:00 with Anna

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    November 1st - B2 FTO TT evenings at 17:00 with Anna