Flexi Norwegian with Writing Practice IMDI (B1)

B1 level
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Flexi Norwegian with Writing Practice TBC

More about the course:

This course is designed for adults who want to learn to write, speak and understand Norwegian language, but also rely on flexibility in their training.
It is a flexible course helping you master Norwegian writing skills. You will be able to understand the differences between writing genres and use them correctly. Learn to write letters, complaints, academic texts and many more.


The AI guide provides you with automatic real-time feedback as you write. This gives you immediate guidance and makes it easy for you to identify and correct any errors, leading to faster improvement and more efficient writing. With this technology by your side, the writing process becomes easier and more intuitive than ever before.

The course is for you, if:

  • you wish to improve your writing skills
  • you are interested in applying for higher education in Norway
  • you wish to write in Norwegian in a professional context
  • you want to attend a course with a flexible schedule
  • you need to pass the Norwegian language test at level B1 or B2

Course structure

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    One weekly online live writing workshop

    2 times per week

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    Access to drop-in style live online lessons

    2 times per week

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    Access to innovative and interactive e-learning tool

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    Access to the AI tool providing immediate feedback

Is this course applicable for permanent residency?

Yes, the hours spent on this course are applicable for the PR requirements. The maximum approval amount per week is 12 hours. Simply make sure to follow the course curriculum and attend all the lessons regularly.
If you complete the course with the required attendance, you will receive a course certificate which you can later on use for your UDI applications.

Admission Requirements

  • You must have passed the B1 level proficiency test in Norwegian or completed a Norwegian course at the B1 level previously.
  • You must commit to a weekly attendance requirement throughout the entire course period.
  • You must explain why you want to improve your written Norwegian and in what contexts you need to write.
  • You must have good digital skills to make the most out of the course.

Is the course completely free?

The best part is that the course is completely free for you as a participant. This is possible thanks to support from the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi), who will pay for your course for you.
To secure a spot in the course, you need to fill in the application.


Good luck with your application!


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FREE! Paid by IMDi