Ephraim helped Lingu and wins travel voucher worth 5000 kroner!

Ephraim helped Lingu and wins travel voucher worth 5000 kroner! -

Innovation is the way forward! The world is changing, technology and science are advancing – and so is Lingu!

  We are very happy that so many of you took the opportunity to guide us in creating the most optimal way of learning a language! All your great and very thorough answers have been registered, gone over repeatedly, and are now puzzled together to form the foundation of a Game Changing, Tailor-Made & Flexible Language Course!  

Over the next six months, we here at Lingu will develop a course that fulfills all your requirements for learning a language - today, and tomorrow! And as promised a selected few will be given the opportunity to test the product for free when we are ready to launch it. We will contact you all by email very shortly about this.  

We are also thrilled to announce the winner of a 5000 kroner travel voucher for participating in the survey -

Ephraim Vincent Florencio!

Here is his story:

  Ephraim came from the Philippines to Norway in July 2015,  shortly after meeting his wife. She was already settled in Norway and was visiting her relatives in the Philippines. They fell in love, got married a while later, and Ephraim followed her to Norway.  

Here in Norway he works as a cleaner, but originally he was a sailor. So understandably his main goal is to work as a sailor in Norway too. However, when trying to apply for such a job, he was told to enhance his Norwegian language skills before they could employ him.

Therefore his aim is to pass the B1 level and the official Norwegian test, so that he gets the chance to work with what he loves - sailing! Ephraim is attending online courses to learn Norwegian as quickly as possible and he tries to actively practice Norwegian as much as he can with friends and family.

He tells us that he wishes could have attended regular classes in Stavanger where he lives, but his work schedule varies so much that it prevents him from attending classes on a regular basis. Online self-study requires more discipline and focus than attending classes. But it is great fun too, as he gets the chance to communicate with other students and the teacher in the virtual classes that comes with the course he’s doing now.  

Because of all of this, Ephraim was very excited to be a part of creating a new product with Lingu, which will allow him a quality course with more guidance and full flexibility in regards combining studies with his everyday life. 

He says:

I really want to be able communicate with Norwegian people better than today, and I want to land my dream job. I think that education in the future should focus on flexibility due to our very busy lifestyles and that a combination of classroom tutoring with online resources such as lectures and video lessons are the way to go.

  When asked about the travel voucher he just won he said:  

I cannot believe I won, and I don’t think I know for sure that it was real before I met you today. I am so happy to know it is for real!

  Since we wouldn’t believe our good fortune we didn’t want to make any fixed plans before me coming here to meet you today, but my wife has many wishes! She would love to visit Rome, Paris or Amsterdam, or we might use it for our travel to visit our relatives in the Philippines next year!”  

We wish Ephraim and his wife: Bon Voyage! Safe Travel! God Tur!

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Odd Bjerga

Odd Bjerga
07 May, 2016