Two common small talk topics

Two common small talk topics -

1. There is always something to say about the weather

For et vær! - What a nice weather!

It could also mean that the weather is bad – you’re just saying that it is exceptional.

Å så deilig vær (Oh what nice weather)

Uff, så grått det er ute (oh, what a grey and dreary day)

I dag er det surt (Today it is "sour" - meaning that it could be cold and windy and just generally uninspiring)

Nå bøtter det ned (Now it's pouring rain)


2. Hva skal du i helga?

Learn to talk about your plans for the weekend the right away. We love talking about the weekend. Already on Thursday the question comes up and on Monday you colleagues will ask you what you did.

So here are some useful phrases:  

I helga skal jeg.... (This weekend I am going to...)
I helga var jeg ... (Last weekend I...)
Det var kjempegøy (It was really fun)
Jeg bare slappet av (I just relaxed)


Also you when you ask some one what they will do or did this weekend (Hva skal du i helga? / Hva gjorde du i helga?) or did you have a nice weekend (Har du hatt en fin helg?) you can use phrases like:

Det høres ut som en god helg (That sounds like a good weekend)

Det hørtes ut som en god helg (That sounded like a good weekend)

Å så deilig (Oh how nice)

Å så koselig (Oh how cozy)

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Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Yngvil Vatn Guttu
08 Aug, 2015