B2 Upper Intermediate Norwegian

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The B2 course is all about finalizing your understanding of the Norwegian language. Improve your conversational skills and enhance the technical part of the language. You will be equipped to handle all common language situations in Norway and do so confidently.

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CEFR Level: B2 Upper-intermediate level
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Course fee: From NOK 1,890 per month

WELCOME TO A UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Lingu’s Norwegian language courses are designed for adults who want to learn to speak and understand the Norwegian language and who need more flexibility...


Lingu’s Norwegian language courses are designed for adults who want to learn to speak and understand the Norwegian language and who need more flexibility in their training.


B2 Norwegian course consists of two classrooms in the week where oral skills and grammar are in focus. You will also get access to a web resource with interactive text and workbook in one that works on tablet, PC and mobile. The course's methodology emphasizes active learning. As a course participant you will be active in both your own learning process and in your fellow students' at the course has a community based approach.

This course prepares you for the Norskprøve B2 and Test i norsk på høyere nivå (Bergenstesten) 

Learning objectives for B2

The upper-intermediate level is where you will be able to communicate effortlessly and fluently with native speakers. Your goals for learning Norwegian are now within reach.

We will cover

  • The inner workings of the Norwegian society
  • Admission requirements for higher education in Norway
  • Advanced level conversation skills
  • Write various forms of texts


Accredited language course provider

Lingu is accredited by Kompetanse Norge. You will get a course certificate, which is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway. You can be accredited for maximum 12 hours* per week for all learning activities combined.

*limits may vary dependable on the type of the course


Course materials

NorskPluss B2 has 11 modules with 28 sub-chapters totaling 468 pages with:

• 40 texts

• 13 audio texts

• 100 grammar explanations

• 150 interactive tasks

• 66 listening tasks

• 22 oral assignments

• 25 writing tasks


B2 level test

After 10 weeks, you will get access to a level test for B2.


Frequently asked questions

The combi course is a more structured and more intensive version of our regular online course. The combi course includes full access to our regular, flexible online course and in addition offers you twice-weekly scheduled live classes with a teacher in a group not larger than 10. During these classes you follow a textbook-based programme, and you will get the real classroom feel, just as if you were attending lessons at Lingu school premises.

During levels A1 and A2 levels you will be learning from the Norsk på 123,( 2017 edition).
During level B1 level you will be learning from the Stein på stein, textbook and exercise book (2014 edition)
During B2 level
you will not need any books.
During C1 level you will be learning from  Håndbok i gramatikk og språkbruk norsk for innvandrere 

For all our Norwegian courses we also recommend Exploring Norwegian Grammar as a useful reference grammar in English.

Apart from full access to our regular online plan, you will also get:

  • A choice between morning or evening classes (in addition to full access to the whole the online plan)

  • A hybrid course with a structured approach. 

  • Regular lessons times and a course program with a one dedicated teacher 

  • Small groups with the same students (groups of maximum 10)

  • Staying on track by following a course book and receiving individual feedback on your progress from your teacher.

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