4 best free or nearly free apps for learning Norwegian

Got some free time to get ahead on your language skills? Norskbloggen tested a bunch of language apps for learning Norwegian and in this post we recommend four of them for language practice on-the-go.

4 best free or nearly free apps for learning Norwegian -

Norskbloggen took a closer look at some of the many apps on the market, and here are the ones we recommend for you. Don’t take our word for it - check them out for yourself - many of them are FREE! All the apps can be downloaded at the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) or from their websites.  


4. Memrise

Does learning languages have to be hard work? Apparently not. Here is a lighthearted language app for light-hearted learners, we’re guessing, mostly young travelers. Memrise offers simple learning based on science, entertainment and social networks.

This is a great app for memorizing words quickly, through visual learning techniques and memory games. You can even create your own course on Memrise. The premium subscription starts at 99 NOK per month, or 550 NOK for a year.  


3. Babbel

Starts you out with the newest Norwegian for everyday use where you learn basic greetings, small talk, words for food and drink etc ….

In Sound Twins you can fine tune your comprehension and pronunciation of tricky Norwegian sounds… Babbel has an interesting interface and is well put together. It is a little unclear how far beyond beginner you are able to go with this app.  


2. Nemo

A fun, FREE app for learners with short attention span ! In other words, this app is not a traditional lesson based app. Nemo’s fast graded vocabulary builder uses known words to understand brand new words.

The Speech studio keeps your pronunciation on track and the progress tracker function even has a bedtime mode to review today’s work. Like all the other apps, Nemo has a quick view dictionary and it can can double as a translator, with a pretty comprehensive Foundation Pack of words you can install for free.  


1. Duolingo

Here is perhaps the best known FREE mobile app for learning Norwegian and 26 other languages; including Swahili or Klingon! You can choose a concentration like business Norwegian or Norwegian for medical personnel. Duolingo also has a placement test for learners with some experience.

Duolingo can be a great refresher course if you’ve been away from Norwegian for a while. One weakness we found is that the speaking robots cannot produce correct stresses in full sentences. But Duolingo is probably the most comprehensive course app. And you can’t beat FREE.


Apps for other languages

Ready to tackle another language this summer? The apps above teach many other languages than Norwegian, so don't limit yourself! Have FUN learning other languages too!

Busuu claims to be the World’s largest social network for language learners. Whether you’re learning a language for travel, work or to learn about the culture, Busuu’s platform ( starting at NOK 50) puts you in touch with native speakers who can test your knowledge...50 million people across the world have apparently tried.

Interactive lessons are available in 12 world languages so far.


Combine apps with Norwegian classes

Apps for learning Norwegian are a great introduction to the language. But they cannot replace the personalized offerings of organized language schools like Lingu.

Lingu offers a fully flexible combination of classroom and online teaching, allowing you 100% control of your time and study! Most importantly, at Lingu we are committed to helping you advance from beginner level to reaching your ultimate language goal!  


What is your recommendation?

Do you use another good app that you can recommend? Tell us in the comment field below!

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Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Yngvil Vatn Guttu
27 Jun, 2017